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Official site launch will begin at 12PM EDT on May 27th, 2021.

Isle of Man, May 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireMasterBrews’ official site launch will commence with a 72-hour public pre-sale, allowing an opportunity to buy into the future of functional NFT platform services and passive income generation at 12PM EDT, on May 27th.

The pre-sale will offer 1-hour early access for those who register their wallet addresses on the site now through May 26th. Up for sale are three tiers of exclusive cards (NFTs) available in the following quantities: 10 Master Brewer, 25 Distributor and 500 Consumer. These quantities represent 1/6th of the total limited-edition collection, with the rest becoming available on June 1st, 2021. Prices begin at ~0.125 ETH and will follow a bonding curve, with the very last Master Brewer cards being sold at a price tag of ~40 ETH.

Card Perks & Abilities

Every NFT will come with a defined set of “abilities” which allow their owner various benefits, most of which apply to upcoming platform services. These abilities are:

  • Franchise / Distribution Fees
    Earn a % of all sales from the tier below your card.
  • Regional Rights
    Earn a % of all future marketplace sales.
  • $BREW Tokens
    Receive our utility token before the general public.
  • Brewing Kits
    Receive a unique NFT “card pack” only available during the sale.
  • On the House
    A chance to win an additional Consumer card at no cost.
  • Climb the Ladder
    A chance to win a free upgrade from a Consumer to Distributor tier.
  • Lifetime Discount
    Pre-sale only bonus which offers holders a lifetime platform discount.

Card Art & Artists

MasterBrews’ artist roster features 90 artists from 60 countries. All work commissioned are new pieces exclusively for the sale and have never been seen before. The Master Brewer premium-tier guarantees the art is from a Special Guest artist and is likely to be a mixed media, motion comic, VR or video piece.

Special Guest artists include:

  • Mark McKenna
    Star Wars, Marvel, DC
  • PLS&TY
    iTunes and Billboard Electronic chart-topper
  • Sebas Theriault
    NOFX, Trailer Park Boys, Cult Horror Radio Host
  • JL Mast
    Disney, Marvel, Archie Comics

MasterBrews Platform & Services

       The platform will initially offer four core services:

  • BREW Engine
    A forge-like gamification tool.
  • BREW Gardens
    An internal NFT marketplace.
  • BREW Invent
    A visual UI enabling users to create, test and deploy Smart Contracts
  • BREW Box
    A white-label NFT Subscription Box management service.

The ecosystem will be powered by the $BREW utility token, with the aim of increasing its long-term value for holders as demand for the platform and services grows.

How to Participate?

Before the early access period begins at 11:00am EDT on May 27th, 2021 head to and use the CONNECT button to authorize your Web3 Ethereum wallet to be used with the MasterBrews site. Once the BUY buttons become available, simply click the card you wish to purchase and confirm the transaction.

Media Contacts:
Brand: MasterBrews
Contact: Adam Hudani; Keith Bussey
E-Mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

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