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Fitness models are underrated. With all the burning hotness and charismatic personality, it is sad how they do not often make it to the top lists. But today, we are going to break this stereotype and talk about these sexy men who are going to inspire you to get up and workout right away. 

If you are someone who can’t stop resting on the couch sluggishly, this article is for you. Let us get straight into the list of these hot men models who are going to change the game. 


  1. Rob Riches 

Rob is one of the best fitness models in the world who has marked his benchmark like no other. He is not only a fitness model but also a fitness coach and bodybuilder who makes sure to inspire every man to workout and hit it right. He also flaunts a history of winning competitions that makes him a complete standout in this list. Surprisingly, he is also a potential athlete and does not believe in giving up any conveniently. 

  1. Steve Cook

 Steve is one of those fitness models who strive hard to reach among the stars even from rock bottom. He is an American bodybuilder who has proved himself in every step of his life. With his exciting bodybuilding skills and fitness routine, he has been able to make many men jump up and workout right away. He was sponsored by Gym shark for his outstanding fitness skills. Above all, Cook has been a believer in self-improvement and hard work forever. Thus, he proves to be one of a kind every time. 

  1. Michael Thurston 

 Thurston has been a fitness freak right since his teenage day. He has always been passionate about cracking his body goals and working as a potential fitness trainer. Today, he is one of Instagram’s top fitness models who never fails to amaze people with his hot body. This expert man is insane for his fitness routine and leaves no stone unturned in inspiring the world to become like him. He also owns his fitness & health company today that is working wonders. 

  1. Ben Booker 

Booker was an alcoholic in his initial days. Soon, he started to realize the importance of bodybuilding and worked hard to achieve his fitness goals. In no time, Booker became one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram with numerous followers. Today, he is a fitness ideal for everyone who wants to follow a strict fitness routine. Booker has also observed an accident that inspired him to go for weights and builder up until his physique. Indeed, he is one of a kind. 

  1. Jeff Seid 

Jeff said has always been a freak for bodybuilding. From his early days, he was passionate about entering the bodybuilding world and earning a name for himself. Soon, Seid started to make his name in bodybuilding competitions as well that helped him gain lots of success. With his perfect physique, he began to inspire people right away. So, today, Jeff is one of the best fitness models who never fails to amaze people with his talent. His bodybuilding skills are par excellence. 

  1. Joey Swoll

 For Joey Swoll, fitness had always been about his passion. During his college days, Swoll was interested in lifting weights that enabled him to improve his experience in the world of fitness. Soon, he was involved in the gym and made sure to train himself well like none. In no time, he started getting featured in various modelling magazines that made him an ideal fitness model like never before. Thus, today he has created a benchmark of his own and is fitness goals for everyone. 

  1. Cory Gregory 

Cory has been one of the most stunning fitness models over the years. As a bodybuilder, entrepreneur and powerlifter, Gregory has outshined himself in various ways. Cory was featured among 13 different publications that have together helped him to become the best of Instagram’s fitness model. He is also a personal trainer and owns a well-respected supplement company. Indeed, he is quite famous. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is Cory Gregory’s Instagram handle?

 You can follow Cory Gregory on Instagram at @corygfitness. 

  1. Can you name a few more fitness models who can inspire me?

 Roger Snipes, Matus Valen and Nick Auger are some of the fitness models that you can follow on Instagram right away to derive the utmost inspiration. 

  1. Is a workout plan enough to become like these models?

 No. You also have to follow a strict diet plan that helps you to maintain the body that you are aiming to achieve through a workout. 


The takeaway 

These were some of the hottest fitness models (male) who can inspire you to stand out like no other. If you have been aiming at cracking your fitness goals on time, this is all you need to get your hands on. Do not forget. We are here for you. 


Description- These fitness models (male) on Instagram are sure to make you stand out like no other. So, if you are looking to achieve the best fitness goals forever, do not miss this.