Until a few years ago, the power of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms could have been imagined only in the world of science fiction. That is where the power of modern microprocessors – especially those connected to the Internet configuration of the Hive Hub – by which computers can develop some incredibly smart things lies.

More than ever before, computers are beingused to model the future, even where very complex mathematics is at play. You can see this in benign things like more accurate weather forecasting.

However, there are also artificial intelligence algorithms used to predict market trends and betting on stock exchanges and money markets around the world. Sometimes millions of microtransactions take place in these markets to take advantage of change faster than any human mind could bear. Of course, this is not the case with games of chance where outcomes are generated in a much more controlled way than you might find in the financial markets. Or is it? How is the power of artificial intelligence already used in the gaming industry, especially in online casinos?


The Rise of AI in Games

Although artificial intelligence is increasingly used in games today, it has been around for some time. It is known that IBM built a supercomputer called Deep Blue, which was the first system based on an algorithm to defeat the chess grandmaster. Russian Garry Kasparov was defeated in a six-game match back in 1997 – the first time this feat has been achieved artificially. More recently, in 2017, Libratus opened a brand new perspective when it became the first artificial intelligence system to start winning against some of the major names in poker.

Of course, many psychological aspects must be taken into account in poker, so many thought, even after Kasparov’s defeat to the machine, that algorithms would never be able to withstand the subtlety of poker to convincingly win anyone but rookies. This is certainly not the case now, as Libratus has not only been successful against high-rated gamblers in playing heads-up no-limit Hold’em but has also managed to win thousands of hands over and over again.

Many in the online casino industry see this occurrence as an alarm clock. How can this sector of games of chance defend itself against people who use artificial intelligence to become better gamblers? That debate is still ongoing and only time will tell where the balance of power will end in the future. Will the house still have an edge if gamblers are able to use increasingly sophisticated means to choose their bets, knowing when the chances are higher for them? Of course, this is just one aspect of the impact of artificial intelligence on the gaming industry that is being felt. In fact, AI is already being used in the industry for a lot of good reasons.


Data Analysis and User Experience Improvements

By executing numbers that clear all the data collected from any network platform, those who run them can also improve them. So-called big data analysis allows companies like online casinos to determine what players like and what they don’t. This includes, for example, what payment methods they like to use. To help them with this, the websites that rate online casinos according to various determinants, including the types and numbers of payment methods (such as the best Paysafecard casinos at TopCasinoExpert.com), have appeared. In turn, this implies that people in charge of running casinos can create a simpler user experience for players when they gamble. In many cases, the online gaming industry is leading the world when it comes to providing a customized user experience that players find appealing.

Of course, it is not all about tempting people to stay and gamble more and more. There are artificial intelligence systems around – like BetBuddy, for example – that are specifically designed to detect patterns of behavior when people gamble online. Such algorithms are used to tag individual players to casino operators and to warn of potential gambling habits. Without such safeguards, it would not be possible for online casino operators to help people who show addictive traits in their gambling.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that an online casino is primarily a business and one that operates in a competitive market. As such, artificial intelligence is typically used to set one brand apart from another in a way that will particularly appeal to the player in question given his priorities. AI is now used, for example, to make preferences available with a single mouse click or to offer special promotions that will produce brand loyalty among players.


‘Foiling Lures’

Another extremely important aspect of artificial intelligence in the world of Internet casinos comes in preventing suspicious behavior and cheating. Keep in mind that in many gaming situations, players not only direct their cleverness against the house but may do so against each other. This is done by conducting the same type of data analysis used to provide improved user experiences to players so they can be successfully applied to lure potential cheaters. This is the digital equivalent of CCTV cameras that you could see in land-based casinos used to monitor the behavior and remove deceivers.

Basically, artificial intelligence knows which patterns to look out for when it comes to cheating attempts. Interestingly, not all of them relate directly to gambling behavior. By tracking every aspect of a player’s behavior while online, it is possible to create an incredibly accurate picture of what an individual is like at the other end of this ‘relationship’. By marking potential fraudsters, it helps protect the integrity of the gambling experience not only for casinos but also for real gamblers.

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