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LANCASTER, Pa., April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OpSec Security, the leading global provider of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its OpSec® Trend, Dynamic, and Eco offerings. With these offerings, OpSec seamlessly integrates on-trend fashion designs with unique authentication features.

OpSec Security has been providing industry-leading product authentication solutions for decades. No other authentication partner can provide the level of integrated brand protection against counterfeiting and gray market sales in the fashion and apparel industries and beyond. OpSec’s new product offerings address the industry need for custom selections of authentication solutions appropriate for each brand’s unique needs. These offerings enable several customizable characteristics critical to the fashion and soft goods industries:

  • Detect counterfeit products and stop unauthorized, “gray market” sales
  • Easily integrate overt and/or covert security features into your product, including labels, tags, and smart packaging
  • Track and enforce your products throughout the entire supply chain, from manufacture to purchase and beyond
  • Build a trusted connection with your brand-loyal customers and enhance the customer experience

The latest product expansion is another demonstration of OpSec Security’s ability to innovate and anticipate its customers’ brand protection needs. “With this line expansion, we now have customizable options for the vast majority of on-product and online anti-counterfeiting and brand protection requirements that every major fashion brand needs to protect revenue and their consumers, from embedded authentication to sustainable product ranges,” Dean Garner, Global Product Line Director of Brand & Fashion Identity Technologies stated. “Footwear and apparel are the world’s most counterfeited products, and brands need custom solutions that will fit their requirements in both form and function. The OpSec team has made the strategic decision to invest in the innovation of a full line of customizable authentication solutions,” added Garner.

The new line is available through OpSec Security and is backed by OpSec’s industry leading expertise; helping customers choose the best program to maximize their results. OpSec offers a fully integrated brand protection solution enabling your brand to grow with confidence to deliver an authentic brand promise and consumer experience, providing in-house design services, and a partnership approach to solution integration.

About OpSec Security 
OpSec Security is the global market leader in securing and protecting brands.

After decades of leadership in brand protection technology, OpSec grew to become the leading provider of fully integrated brand and document security, providing companies and governments with myriad solutions to help our customers ensure brand quality, reputation, and integrity.

OpSec is a leading innovator in online brand and digital content protection, offering our clients end-to-end safeguards against counterfeiting, piracy, and unauthorized usage. We continue to innovate, finding increasingly advanced ways to meet an ever-growing range of threats. Even as the counterfeiters, pirates, and other bad actors employ more sophisticated ways to damage your brand, we never stop getting better at protecting it.

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