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New York City, NY, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Changes are occurring in the world, with the major ones in finance. Digital currency is fast replacing traditional currency. Nations are adopting it, and it is true that those who embrace the changes in their early stages fare better than the late entrants to the party.

Before investing in cryptocurrency, there has to be knowledge and understanding that not everyone has. This is why it is beneficial to take advantage of a platform such as BitQT that makes the investment risk free and helps understand the ins and outs of the world of digital currency.

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About BitQT

A team of financial experts got together to use their expert knowledge of finance to create this digital currency platform called BitQT. This application used artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to predict the crypto trade market that can be highly volatile. The financial gurus realized that a fast system was required to take advantage of this fast-moving and changing market.

This is how BitQT came into existence. It is an advanced learning system that studies the market trends right from the beginning. It reads the trends, analyzes them to understand the right markets to invest in and trade and those not profitable. As the crypt trading market can be as confusing as trading in fiat money, a system such as BitQT, which is better than human brokers, is required.

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Understanding Bitcoin

Bitcoin came into existence in 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto registered it. He mined the first block, and with the passing of years, this cryptocurrency caused quite a stir. Satoshi Nakamoto, however, vanished and information about him remains shrouded in mystery.

Bitcoin is a paperless cryptocurrency that can be traded with complete anonymity. This makes it different from the traceable fiat currency. Bitcoin is run by a software, allowing access to users from anywhere in the world. A blockchain that supports it is also its digital ledger and it has records of all transactions taking place.

An electronic wallet is used to store bitcoin that can be accessed anytime by the owner using a secure passcode.

Working of BitQT

Independent traders and brokers have been running the market for a long time, but bitcoin traders have their shortcomings as regards profit-making. Thus, earning a profit by making an accurate analysis of the market is impossible. Predicting the market accurately and quick trading has always been a human shortcoming.

BitQT takes away this shortcoming by making a quick prediction ahead by 0.01 seconds. This enables the software to adjust to the market changes, thus letting go of the currency when it is likely to lose and purchase when it is likely to appreciate in value.

The accuracy of 99.4% over other similar software ensures that the trader always makes a profit and rarely if ever, loses any investment. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency trading is complicated and it is challenging for many people to understand the ins and outs of the trade. But this application has the edge over human traders as it predicts the market ahead of time, giving the trader control over investments.

Familiarize yourself with BitQT App using a free demo account.

How To use BitQT

BitQT’s user interface is very simple. Registration on the official website is required to be able to use this free software. One does not have to invest any money to start and this process is open for accessing the proprietary software. All that is needed is basic information that includes name, phone number and email address and the registration is complete.

Upon completing this step, an agent gets in touch to explain the onboarding process and understand the system. The new member is then given access to a dummy account that looks like a real account, except that trading is a dummy. This allows one to understand the working of the software and the trading. There is an option of automatic trading, which is the safest for beginners, where the software places the trades. If the settings are in manual mode, the user will have to identify profitable trades and the software does not have any control over the profits or losses.

On understanding the working of the application, the member can begin to invest. The minimum amount of investment is $250 that earns one a decent profit every day if the settings are on automatic mode. The trader needs to spend only 20 minutes on the software every day and set up the parameters. The software then gets down to work, analyzing the market, predicting the trends, placing trades and earning decent profits for the user.

There is no limit to the duration of time this software can be used. It is not a trial version and hence does not come with any restrictions. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. However, if any country has restrictions regarding the use and trade of cryptocurrency, then the user will not be able to use it from that country.

Open Your BitQT Account Now From The Official Site


Online financial transactions always come with the big question of safety and that question is valid, more so when the investment is left to a software. However, the user can be assured that safety has been one of the prime concerns of the creators of BitQT. The information, personal and financial, fed into the application is kept completely safe. A 2-step authentication process is used to ensure that only the member can access the data or alter it.

A digital vault is used to store all investments made and only the owner with the passcode can access it. The process of deposits and withdrawal is extremely easy and simple. This seamless process allows the user to access all that is needed quickly. There are agents too to support the members when it is needed.

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Benefits of BitQT

  • The application has a 99.4% accuracy, ensuring that all investments are profitable if the settings are in the automatic mode. BitQT is the only available software that performs this accurately, enabling a quick increase in investments.
  • No commission is charged on the profits made. Whatever profits are earned are for the trader to keep and can be withdrawn at any time. A request has to be put in to an agent to withdraw the amount needed from the account.
  • The app’s advanced performance ensures that it predicts the trends of the market ahead of others. This is done using artificial learning and advanced projection algorithms, which enable it to predict 0.01 seconds ahead of others, thus making changes before the trends hit the market.
  • The International Trading Association recognizes the software.

Purchase Cost

This product can be accessed free of cost for a short time. It does not have any hidden costs or commissions like other similar applications. It can also be used for safe trading and it helps the trader earn a decent profit, which goes to the member rather than any broker. The only investment needed is $250, which is the amount that the trader needs to start trading in the cryptocurrency market using BitQT and this amount can be withdrawn any time the trader wishes to do so.

Refund Options

Since no money has been spent on purchasing this application, there are no refunds. The only amount invested is $250, which is the minimum investment needed to start trading. This amount belongs to the trader and any profits earned from investing this amount also belong to the trader. Thus, the question of a refund does not arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does One Get Started on BitQT?

To start trading on this platform, one needs to register with basic details, after which an agent gets in touch and helps onboard the platform.

How much profit can be earned from trading on BitQT?

As per the information on the official website, traders have earned as much as $1000 per day if the settings are set in auto mode. This allows the software to place the trades on behalf of the trader. Some people have, reportedly, earned as much as a million dollars in a couple of months. But it all depends on the amount invested.

How long does one need to spend trading every day?

One needs to spend just 20 minutes a day to set the parameters. Once the app is set to auto mode, it will place all trades on behalf of the member.

Pros of BitQT

  • Quick earning with minimal investment
  • No commissions charges on profits earned
  • Secure and safe investments
  • Seamless orientation process
  • Lifetime support


  • Minimum amount of $250 required to start trading

It’s a free platform, and interested users can sign-up on the official website of the platform.

Final Words

The future of the financial market lies in bitcoin. A lot of traders, both beginners and pros, have already invested and earned profits by investing in bitcoin. The value of this cryptocurrency has reached a high of $10,000, as never experienced seen before. So, a newbie or a seasoned trader wanting to get a share of the crypto market can still invest in it using the BitQT platform with just $250 and earn profits.

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