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A lift chair is an ideal tool for seniors who have trouble getting on and off their couch. The chair gradually lifts a person safely to a sitting or standing position. It’s an exciting piece of technology with an electric motor to give the chair an assistive boost to prevent injuries and falls. Choosing lift chairs can be a significant decision as it not only involves a considerable investment but also is a matter of convenience. Selecting a lift chair is not easy if you don’t have much of an idea about different aspects of the product. 


With that in mind, here’s giving you an overview of the five things you need to know about lift chairs.

  1. Who Benefits The Most From Lift Chairs?

The pride lift chairs are best for people who find it challenging to transition from a seated position to a standing one because of balance issues or limited mobility. But that’s not where the benefits end for a lift chair. 

People who suffer from back pain, sore joints, arthritis, and similar conditions would find these chairs profoundly relaxing. It’s even better if the chairs come with an added feature of massage and heat therapy. The fact the lift chairs can offer a number of positions even makes people choose them over their beds when sleeping at night. Individuals who have undergone surgery in their arms or shoulders will also benefit from the lift chairs. It is usually excruciating to sleep flat on the back during this time.



2. Lift Chairs Come In a Variety of Sizes

The ‘one size fits all’ policy does not work for the lift chairs. Failing to get the right size might make it difficult for tall people to find enough support for their lower back. On the other hand, the shorter seniors might feel uncomfortable as their feet don’t touch the ground.


These chairs also have a stipulated weight capacity, along with size limitations. To get the perfect fit, take accurate measurements of the individual’s weight and height and compare that to different products. Remaining within the limits of height and weight is crucial because it helps make sure that the product is comfortable and lasts long.


3. The Number of Chair Positions on Offer

Lift chairs can offer different positions to let a person have the maximum flexibility in how they relax. You can use these chairs for sitting upright, lay flat, recline back, or be in any posture that you want. Here are the three types of lift chairs as per the positions offered:


  • Two-position lift chairs: It reclines very slightly at an angle of 45-degree when both the Ottoman and seat rise. 
  • Three-position lift chairs: It reclines back far enough for a comfortable sleep, without laying horizontal completely. You can stop it at different positions using its various controls and one motor operating system. 
  • Infinite-position lift chairs: The chair reclines flat with the feet and back moving independently of each other. These chairs have two different motors: one each for controlling the footrest and the headrest.

Choose the type of chair you want as per the level of comfort you want to achieve.



4. Kind of Material Used For the Chair

Another essential thing to keep in mind while choosing lift chairs is the fabric. Of course, you would want your chair to be made of a soft and comfortable fabric.

But, for seniors who have incontinence problems, cloth fabrics might not be the right choice. It’s better to opt for leather as it is easy to clean. While leather might cost a tad bit more, it helps the chair appear sophisticated and regal. If your senior drinks or eats in the chair, it is better to opt for the kind of fabric that does not stain easily.


If incontinence is not the issue, but the weather outside remains sticky and hot most of the time, sweating might be a significant issue. Cloth materials might be useful in this case.


5. Additional Features of the Lift Chair

Your senior would surely love to have a bit of fun with technology in their highly convenient lift chairs. If you are ready to splurge a bit, you can get several advanced features in the lift chairs. For instance, you can opt for vibrating or heated seats, speed variations, cup holders, and so on. 

These features are not just put there to make the chairs look glam and glitzy. These can also help in soothing age-related pains and aches and further reduce the seniors’ chances of falling and getting injured. Chairs with the massage therapy function can help ones with back pain find some relief while sitting down or even sleeping.


Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are quite a few things to know and remember about lift chairs before you ahead and start looking at the models. Assess the chair’s utility, along with its height and weight limits, positions offered, the material used, and additional functions, before coming to a decision. Above all, see whether the person you are buying for finds it comfortable or not. Keeping these factors in mind will help you find the right chair as per your senior’s needs.