Agreement follows Qylur’s Middle East debut announcement, brings intelligent security solutions in line with the Kingdom’s expansive economic vision

Abu Dhabi, UAE, Feb. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —                                                                                      
ABU DHABI, UAE, Feb 25, 2021 – Qylur Intelligent Systems Inc. (“Qylur”), through its subsidiary Qylur Gulf, today announced it has signed Asas Alamwal Company as its representative for supplying and supporting Qylur’s portfolio of intelligent end-to-end entry screening solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The signing was announced during the IDEX 2021 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The news follows Qylur’s earlier announcement at the opening of IDEX 2021 about its debut in the Gulf and Middle East region. The company continues to implementing its entry strategy by signing local businesses as partners.

“We are excited and proud to be announcing this partnership as a major step in bringing our solutions to the Gulf and Middle East Region,” said Mr. Adel Salama, Qylur Gulf VP of Business and Operations. “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has put forward an ambitious vision for expansive economic development including smart cities such as NEOM, Qiddiya and the Red Sea Project with numerous sports and entertainment venues and amusement parks. This partnership is a perfect match to provide these next-generation projects with top-notch, connected intelligent security solutions”.

The partnership combines best-in-class capabilities from both companies. It bring Qylur’s visionary technology leadership in advanced systems and 4th generation cognitive AI, along with Asas Alamwal’s professional expertise and wide variety of experience and knowledge in the provision of security products and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Both companies are committed to transforming the future in line with the 2030 vision. Qylur’s technology will be core to enabling intelligent solutions in the service of protecting these new projects and their guests, while also providing exceptional guest experience, privacy and dignity. In addition, Qylur’s technology will both transform the security at entry points and serve as an engine driving future connected cognitive smart cities

About Qylur Intelligent Systems
Based in Silicon Valley, California, and led by founder and CEO Dr. Lisa Dolev, Qylur is set to transform the future of security using advanced technology. It was the first to use fused sensor technology and AI-based automated detection for customized screening in its Q entry security intelligent system, and is now the first to provide an all-encompassing Smart City C4I entry security solution. The company has continued to prove its innovation leadership in building solutions that combine networks of smart machines, cognitive AI, adaptive machine learning, and a human-oriented design for private, pleasant and efficient experiences. Qylur’s debut in the Middle East follows its track record at top-tier venues across the globe as part of the Q’s technology introduction. The company deployed the Q at global mega events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Major sports stadiums, amusement parks and museums in the US and Europe have also used the Q to create a respectful, enjoyable and streamlined entry experiences for incoming guests while performing state-of-the-art, non-invasive entry item screening.

About Asas Alamwal
Asas Alamwal Company, based in Riyadh, provides a wide range of security solutions and services spanning protective services, secured transport services, and security equipment and products to Special Forces. The company employs ex-military and police officers and ex-government professionals from elite units to ensure clients receive unrivaled services from the most elite in the industry. Asas Alamwal Company continuously demonstrates its commitment to sustainability at all levels, and as such is an active participant in its local communities and in integrating sustainable businesses, and thus is aiming to become one of the leaders in the provision of security services.

CONTACT: [email protected]

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