The Common Myths About Non-Alcoholic Beer – Debunked!!

Someone has rightly said, “Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer’. Being tastier and a better drink than other beverages, it comes up with various variations to let the enthusiasts be footloose and fancy-free. Non-alcoholic beer is the new buzzword and has already been the top-pick of this year due to specific health benefits and the same good taste with zero or low alcohol content.

However, there are still a few trumped-up stories that let people be in two minds before buying and relishing the beer with no alcohol. Thus, we decided to debunk all those myths to help you have a whale of a time with your favourite brew without any concern.

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Non-Alcoholic Beer Does Not Taste Good

One of the most popular fabricated sayings is that zero-alcohol beer tastes worse in comparison to alcoholic beer. It is only true in the case of lower quality brewers as they add extra sweet unfermented wort. But when it comes to the top brands, the beer flavour with a citrus hint and lingering bitterness remains the same in both types of beer.

In other words, there is not much difference between non-alcoholic and alcoholic beer other than alcohol content.

Non- Alcoholic Can Still Make You High

The main purpose behind the invention of beer no alcohol is to let non-drinkers enjoy the fun of brew without having an impact on the liver and kidneys. This is why non-alcoholic beverages are either saturated with no or maximum 1 gram alcohol content. Even in the United States, it is legal for teenagers to consume beer with less than 0.5-gram alcohol.

Further, people with low alcohol sensitivity can devour the minimal brew of non-alcoholic beer without being anxious about intoxication. Thus, the saying that non-alcoholic can make you high doesn’t make a real fact unless and until it is not consumed in excess.

Non-Alcoholic Is Not Good For Athletes

Athletes are often witnessed having an energy-drink post-exercise to retain their level of activeness. But when it comes to their desire of having alcohol free beer for a mouth-watering taste, the kidology that the drink does not go well with the health of athletes makes them hang back.

But this isn’t a reality at all. Non-alcoholic beverages, especially beer, are specially meant to boost the level of energy among people. The content of sodium in such drinks helps athletes to recover following the exercise. In addition, the carbohydrates and fluids present in it make them feel better after sweating hard in the game. You will be astonished to know that even the Olympics used zero-alcoholic beer as a recovery drink for players.

Non-Alcoholic Is Expensive

Now, this cannot be a total truth as the cost of non-alcoholic beer in the UK depends on the brand’s quality. Other than this, it also cut the cost of the tax that is paid by brewers for the specific content of ABV (Alcohol by Volume), thus making the shopping of zero-alcohol beer a bit cheaper in comparison.

Final Thought

Indeed, beer is a dime a dozen, especially among adults. And now, since the beverage industry has blazed the trail in the form of non-alcoholic beer, people seem to be more enthusiastic about legally supporting the industry. After all, it is the best alternative for non-drinkers and people with alcohol sensitivity.

The only downside is the plenty of myths prevailing in the surroundings about beer with no alcohol that makes one get in a flap before savouring it. Thus, it is suggested to turn a blind eye to the false stories and go with only the scientific facts to enjoy the zero-alcohol beer in full swing.

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