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There are numerous concerns in this era of technological advancement, especially if you are an E-Commerce website owner. With the consistent increment in competition in this sphere, E-Commerce website owners must generate revenue for achieving stability continually. It is advisable to adopt strategies that are rapid and pocket friendly for maximizing revenue. 

To attain a loyal consumer base and provide a positive and happy customer experience, it is essential to strategize the different aspects of your E-Commerce Website.

Sometimes, revenue on an E-Commerce Website is a tough nut to crack. Common problems such as high cart abandonment rate, less value of the order placed, low engagement even on discounted prices, fewer responses to the promotions are faced by the website, which results in decreasing revenue over time.

It is only through an amalgamation of various tips and tricks that you can attain the desired. We have tried our best to enlist the essential must- follow strategies regarding the same:

  1. Strive to Provide an Incomparable Consumer Experience

One of the most necessary and valuable units for the E-commerce Website is the user experience and feedback. Each consumer that visits your website has different requirements and necessities. 

It should be ensured that customers should be served uniquely. It is undoubtedly tough to cater to the individual needs and function accordingly, but it provides a good turnout if considered and designed appropriately.

  1. Personalized Touch for a Loyal Buyer Base

To have regular consumers for your E-Commerce Website, it is required to invest in such a technology to fulfill the demands with a personalized touch. This helps create a loyal base in the market, which will remain with you in the long run and help achieve the desired sales figures in totality. 

Intelligence technologies prominent in this field can be employed, accumulating data from the user behavior, and analyzing it. Once done, it can be utilized to present the customers with more types of items or products they are interested in, and this way, users will be attracted to your platform.

  1. Learn to Gain New Buyers

To achieve more consumers and to maximize revenue, a well-thought plan must be formulated. Your E-Commerce website should timely develop special referral programs to make a new buyer base or make your product reach new customers. Social Media can also play a significant role in achieving the same. New consumers can be earned through specific target programs and make them as exciting and innovative as possible. 

There should be a periodic modification in the marketing campaign as it will give consumers a central idea of your product. Following the current trends in marketing with experts’ help is another beneficial method to achieve the goal.

  1. Security through SSL Certificates

Security is by far one of the essential features to be ensured on E-Commerce Websites. There’s no better way to ensure safety than by employing an SSL Certificate. Cheap SSL certificates are beneficial as they convert the visitors into loyal buyers by displaying them the fact that you care for their sensitive information like passwords and emails. 

Now available at pocket-friendly prices, SSL Certificates enable the website to transform from HTTP TO HTTPS, making it more sound and secure. 

Among the variety of SSL Certificates available for you to choose from, wildcard SSL occupies a very crucial spot. Cheap wildcard SSL certificates are the ones that provide imperative protection by covering your website (one domain) and all its subdomains. There is no limit to the sub-domains that it can protect. 

This is going to have a direct impact on the revenue of your E-Commerce website.

  1. To Target Your Existing Base More

While working on attracting new consumers through professional help or yourself, it is required to hold on to your current consumers. This can be attained by coming up with new schemes and discounts on long term memberships. You can quickly increase the cart size and maximize the order value from your current consumers or convert the E-Commerce Websites’ visits into a loyal consumer base by introducing special everyday deals.

  1. Ensuring a Better Order Size

To increase the average order size, it is observed that combined deals are beneficial. It is a practice among the mid-size to big businesses as they flash the combined offer deals and sell products together once you put some product in your cart. It is an excellent method to increase the order size by displaying relevant related products. 

Offer discounts in varying percentages as suitable for reaching amounts. 

Always show the amount remaining for the consumer to avail of that offer. Different strategies in a combined form can be adopted and implemented on your E-Commerce website to widen the base and get maximum value orders.

  1. More Efforts in Marketing

Marketing is the backbone of the figures you reach on your E-Commerce website. Every website leaves no stone unturned when it comes to up taking and employing innovative and exciting marketing strategies. You can develop new marketing strategies like enabling the orders on websites and lining up the delivery from stores. 

This will make the consumers reach the stores that may result in further sales. Also, special attention can be given to the customers if they visit your store and there is a product shortage you can make available to them through doorstep delivery. 


It is natural to remain concerned about the revenue figures and look for methods to take them up in the minimum possible time. 

Numerous ways can be employed, but a detailed plan integrating maximum strategy should be designed to attain the remarkable figures and establish a great rapport. Working on the current users, adopting means to convert the users to a loyal base of your website through membership deals and discounts is a conventional measure. 

Apart from this, an individualized approach to the orders received can work well. All the consumers and their Ecommerce related behavior should be studied and accordingly reacted to ensure the maximum revenue and generally remain successful in the market.

Author Bio:

Ana Hoffman is editor in chief at Dandelife blog. She writes about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing.