Somehow many people still ignore the fact that nowadays online content development is drastically different to what it was like several years ago. Everybody wants it all here and now and forgets about the fact that nothing good was built overnight — the same goes to a popular and money-making Insta account that would make you a worldwide known blogger who can go through brand deals like it’s nothing special. In this article we’re going to tell you why you should buy Instagram followers, what type of Insta subscribers you actually shouldn’t buy and what are other methods of promo out there that you should definitely pay your attention to while trying to uplift your profile on IG. 

Let’s start with the obvious one: don’t fall for cheap offers. If you see followers for IG that are almost free, that’s probably a scam. Most of these are being delivered by bots, and some of these aren’t being delivered at all, because a company just takes the money and leaves its clients with nothing. That’s not the way to work with people but who cares? Unfortunately, right now you have to really check the company’s reputation before deciding whether you want or don’t want to work with it. In any case, if you’re willing to get results, you need to purchase genuine followers only — bots aren’t worthy for this as well, because currently Instagram has a very strict policy about fake pages and deletes them daily like it’s nothing special. So, even if you buy several thousands of fake followers, it’s pretty possible that the next day you’re going to have only half of them left on your page if not less than that. check FUBO Channels.

Now, to the next point: do everything according to your page’s size. If you’re already advanced you can also apply for such methods as mutual PRs, where you cooperate with other bloggers and tell your audiences about each other in stories or posts. But if you’re small right now, there is little to no chance that someone would want to collaborate with you. Collabing with small or even smaller accounts isn’t worthy because that will give you a very insignificant audience reach, and you surely shouldn’t waste any of your money on it. When you become bigger and more popular you can surely take on this promo method and make cooperation with alike and bigger bloggers your priority in terms of content development. 

Last but not least — don’t try to gain your audience out of mass following and mass liking. Earlier in the days it worked great, but right now it’s going to be just a total waste of time and efforts. Well, actually, following the people from your city or your sphere (to be exact, following people interested in your product or service) could do you good, but this process is harder than just randomly following everybody who’s subscribed to a certain tag or another lookalike profile. So, to summarize: to reach good results you have to pay attention to what you’re buying, don’t try to buy too much and too cheap and wait some time until you’ll be able to offer efficient cooperation to other bloggers. But where do you buy these genuine and relatively inexpensive followers? We’re going to give you a small clue on that further. 

Where to buy and how expensive should it be: 

There is no such thing as expensive followers actually, because right now the market of online promo services is so big that everybody can find something suitable in their particular case. Though we can give you a small clue on where you can do it with added benefits — right now you’re reading an article created by Soclikes, we are the company that cares about clients and tries to provide them with all the information and technical support. But that’s not it: we’re also trying to give as many discounts as possible, as well as we also try to guide our customers in the right direction and consult them on the matter of setting the most efficient promotion in their particular case. You can always combine several packages in terms of reaching the best results ever — and in each particular case this combination may vary. Our managers can tell you what to do, if you’re totally new to all of this. Don’t be shy to hit them with the questions in chat on!


Yes, we deliver only real followers. There’s no exception to this rule, because we know how strictly Instagram tracks bots and what consequences can delivering fake followers has. We’re providing our customers with not only real followers, but with great guarantees as well — if you are working with us you can await impressive results in the first 24 hours from the beginning of the promotion. Usually it takes us a day or near so — if the package is huge it might take a little bit longer to deliver, but we try to make it as fast as possible anyways.