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The new approach provides coffee lovers with everything they need to develop their own personalized coffee blends in the comfort of their home. The possibilities are endless!

CHERRY HILL, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Café Infinity, a new approach to coffee that empowers consumers to create their own unique coffee blends at home, today announced the launch of this ground-breaking new concept. Beginning December 2020, Café Infinity will offer its full product range to coffee drinkers across the U.S. The new collection provides all the tools necessary for consumers to discover new coffee flavors and have fun developing unique coffee blends personalized to their own taste preferences.

The Café Infinity collection of products includes over 25 gourmet single-origin coffee varieties (the “ingredients” for coffee blends), blending and storage accessories, and a full range of brewing devices and accessories. The free Café Infinity app empowers users to become their own master coffee blender at the touch of a button and explore a new world of flavor beyond traditional coffees blended for the masses.

The Café Infinity app provides information about each single-origin coffee, including flavor characteristics and how each coffee contributes to the flavor profile of a coffee blend. It then guides users through the secrets of coffee blending led by Café Infinity’s blend masters, who have over 100 years of cumulative coffee experience. With endless blending options to explore, users will unlock an entirely new world of possibilities.

“Traditionally, coffees have been blended to suit generic tastes and maximize sales across a narrow range of middle-of-the-road flavor profiles,” said Kerrie Tobin, marketing consultant at Café Infinity. “Café Infinity puts consumers in the driver’s seat and enables them to escape those conventional boundaries. From there, they can take a more active role in their coffee experience and explore a whole new world of flavors where the possibilities are truly endless.”

Café Infinity helps users start crafting their own blends immediately, with no prior coffee knowledge. It’s a fast, easy and fun way for all coffee drinkers to gain more control over their coffee experience. Blend creations can be saved on the app for future reference and social functionality will be added in future updates to let users share blending tips and tap into an entirely new community of coffee drinkers.

Café Infinity’s coffees are specially designed to be used with the app and its initial range includes offerings from 12 different origins in a variety of roasts. The assortment ranges from Central and South American classics to exotic offerings from smaller estates in Africa. All coffees are available separately in individual three-ounce packs, making it easy to start discovering a variety of new blending possibilities.

Café Infinity’s coffees, blending accessories, stylish storage systems and more are now available through the app and online at Starter kits range from $49.99 to $79.99. The free Café Infinity App is available for download in the Apple and Google Play App stores.


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