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Los Angeles, USA, Nov. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — If there’s one thing you should know about the ultra-popular Instagram fashion influencer Lena, it’s that she adores bold colors.Today Ascend Agency is going to cover Lena who loves the way those vibrant blues, yellows, and other colors make her feel. Lena has had a longstanding relationship with fashion since she was very young. Today, it’s clear that this love affair continues very strongly.

Lena is only a few years into her Instagram journey, yet has enjoyed extraordinary success already. In just three short years, she has managed to gain over four million followers. If you go ahead and check out her Instagram page @Panthere_instyle, you will see why.

How Lena Became Fashion-Obsessed

While growing up, Lena wasn’t quite able to express herself in the way she wanted by using her voice. This inability to share how she felt made her look into other avenues of doing so. That’s when she discovered the wide world of fashion. She immediately found so many creative ways to express her individuality, and has been doing so ever since.

Today, she continues ‘speaking’ with her clothes and encourages everyone else to find their own creative voice. In Lena’s world, it’s all about bold colors. In fact, the bolder, the better. You will usually see Lena dressed in solid colors that are incredibly vibrant with contrast. The clothes and pieces she wears make her stand out against any background she finds herself in.

Lena’s two favorite fashion accessories are high heels and handbags. You will almost always find her with a Hermes clutch or other chic bag while wearing boldly-colored high heels. When asked how she manages to walk in such high heels all the time, she amusingly responds by saying “Who said anything about walking?

A Colorful Array of Fashion Choices

There’s no doubt about it; Lena loves colorful clothes. She loves how vibrant colors can cheer her up, regardless of how challenging her daily struggles with her chronic illness are. It becomes a therapeutic exercise for her that also ends up wowing millions of her ardent fans.

Lena is a big proponent of using color therapy. This is something that psychologists have done studies on for decades, with eye-opening results. Colors truly do affect the way we feel, but Lena didn’t need a scientific study to tell her that. Both her and her followers thoroughly enjoy seeing both bold and neutral colors alike. 

Yes, as much as she loves her bold blues and yellows, she is also fond of black and while. Black is a timeless, versatile, classic, and slimming color (or rather, absence of color) that is the ideal backdrop for blue hues. White can be both daring and demure. For Lena, it’s all about texture and dimension, which ensures that whatever her look is that day, it’s not going to feel flat.

Lena loves color, and you will too when you see how tastefully she puts together her outfits. Head over to her Instagram page and prepare to be wowed!

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