With unprecedented early voter turnout, line management software can help polling stations keep citizens safe for the November 3 Election Day and beyond

PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With record numbers for early in-person voting and polling stations dealing with hours-long wait times, QLess, a leading provider of digital line management solutions, is partnering with government services agencies to manage voter turnout ahead of the November 3 election. COVID-19 has challenged this year’s election, with voters being forced to physically distance themselves and wear masks as the virus continues to ravage the country. Throughout the pandemic, governments and essential services have been leveraging QLess software to reduce the spread of the virus by encouraging physical distancing and managing capacities in indoor spaces. In preparation for Election Day, governments will need to rely on digital line management technology to keep voters safe and polling operations running efficiently.

With nearly 60 million ballots already cast, the 2020 election season is shattering previous records for early voting. In an effort to protect themselves from the risk of infection, citizens are using early in-person voting as a way to avoid the long lines and crowds expected on November 3. Unfortunately, with so many individuals using in-person voting, polling stations are facing an overwhelming volume of ballots, with some people forced to wait upwards of 10 hours to cast their votes. With QLess queue management software, voters can join virtual lines at polling stations. This allows them to wait comfortably at a safe distance until they reach the front of the line. Only then will they be able to enter the polling station, allowing capacities inside of the building to be reduced and managed. During the pandemic, this software has been implemented to reduce the risk of virus transmission and will be increasingly necessary if voter turnout continues to be unprecedentedly high in other key elections.

“As the weather turns colder, more people are worried about the flu season, along with the COVID-19 pandemic. Government agencies have been especially aware of these risks as Election Day rapidly approaches in the U.S.,” says Kevin Grauman, QLess CEO. “We’re seeing an increased interest in our services from these agencies and polling stations to help manage lines and mitigate risks at voting sites across the country. Citizens are entitled to exercise their rights, and they deserve to do it in a safe and efficient way.”

QLess queue management software can be implemented in less than a week, which is essential for governments looking to be prepared for the 2020 election. For more information about remote queuing and queue management software by QLess, please visit http://info.qless.com/blog/qless-coronavirus-solutions.

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