Gravesend, UK, Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — While the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has sent the market on a frenzy with businesses incurring heavy losses, industries getting worn down to their knees, and companies being forced to issue mass pay cuts and even, in certain situations, letting workers go, a particular company headquartered in the town of Gravesend in Northern Kent, England has played all its cards right and is steadily nearing the £100 million milestones in sales.

The company is Swegway Fun Ltd. and the brand on the way to achieving that goal is called Recovapro.

About Recovapro:

Recovapro is a British Fitness Brand at the vanguard of developing ingenious products that are easily accessible to everyone. They are committed to preserving the items’ quality and their customers’ satisfaction.

The products of Recovapro are generally targeted to the demographic that suffers from muscle pain and other severe bone structure damage. With clinics and hospitals having already been transformed into COVID-19 Battlestations, it is difficult for people who suffer from suc h conditions to go and get their regular physiotherapy appointment with a specialist at the hospital. Also, the older populace who suffers from these issues also stands at a higher risk of contracting COVID themselves. So they prefer to have the necessary equipment delivered to their doorsteps so they can register the treatment to themselves.

These people prefer Recovapro over other options because Recovapro’s massagers are:

  1. Scientifically-Calibrated for optimal Results. 
  2. Have Smart Glide Technology and are engineered from the inside out
  3. Attachments provide Targeted Treatment for every Muscle. 
  4. Five Speed Setting with a smart touch.
  5. Ergonomically Sound

At Recovapro, they also use high-quality food-grade materials to make the durable outer case made of aluminium composite. The high-speed brushless Japanese motor is capable of running for 20,000 hours. The devices also come with an inbuilt cooling technology to prevent heating.

Added as a plus point, Recovapro does not just ship all over the UK but also ship their premium products internationally. In the UK, delivery is free for all orders. Deliveries are made between Monday to Friday (business days). If the product is ordered before 2 pm between Monday to Thursday, it is expected to be dispatched on the same day, and the customer will receive it the next business day. Order placed on Friday to Sunday is dispatched on Monday, delivered by Tuesday.

In case of international orders, all international orders are shipped using a 2-5 working day service except stated otherwise. Once the order has been shipped, a tracking number and estimated day of delivery are emailed over to the customer. If the customer wishes to cancel the order, all they have to do is send an email to the excellent customer care team of Recovapro. They try their best to cancel the order before it is processed and shipped. If the item has already been shipped, they coordinate and work with the customer to ensure it is returned without any hassles.

If you are an indecisive customer who couldn’t figure out which product may be the best fit for them, Recovapro also gives you an easy but detailed online quiz about your discomfort. They help you figure out which product is best for you and suggest you options from their collection.

They also facilitate the Buy Now, Pay Later option of transaction because they believe no one should have to live with pain. All these factors have made Recovapro extremely popular within the UK and abroad.

Visit Recovapro on their website to learn more about what they have to offer and how they are the best fit for you.

Contact Details
Name: Rich Stonehouse
Company: Recovapro
PHONE- 01474247760
EMAIL – [email protected]


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