Giving Students a Human Connection During Social Distance Learning

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Career Sparks, a nonprofit organization aimed at connecting real-world career professionals virtually with K-12 students, who are primarily disadvantaged, from a traditional classroom setting or through distance learning, launched today.

Career Sparks was conceived when its board members saw the need for children to have positive human connections as many are now being neglected, and often placed in front of screens with no interactive responses and little human connectivity.

“Plain and simple, our children need career heroes,“ says Career Sparks President Elaine M. Patel. “They need to know that they can become anything they aspire to. Career Sparks gives students a personal connection within distance learning that spurs exploration and ignites passions.”

In just 40 minutes, students hear from career professionals like astronauts, firemen, CEOs or sports personalities, who share their backgrounds and educational journeys, and talk about the skills, experiences, and training they’ve mastered on the way. Teachers are given grade level resources, including a full lesson plan, packed with creative interactive activities that meet learning standards.

“Career Sparks offers a digital solution with a human connection, giving students, families and teachers a better option,“ says Dr. Christine Montanez, Career Sparks Advisory Board Chair (EducationSuperHighway 2019).

Founded and led by minority, community-minded women, Career Sparks hopes to fill the absence and inequalities disadvantaged children experience within career education. The debut Live Spark Encounter, which will be the organization’s first virtual meet up, is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23rd, at 10 a.m. (PST) titled “Gaming Giants” featuring Patrick Murphy, art director for Epic Games – Fortnite (Battle Royale), and Graham McNeill, principal narrative writer from Riot Games.

To gain access to these interactive encounters, visit to sign up for membership. Career Sparks offers a variety of flexible membership structures, including plans for individual students, teachers (for classroom implementation) and school-wide programming. All membership plans feature a deep discount for Title 1 schools.

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Career Sparks is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California, led by minority & community-minded women.


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