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Los Angeles, USA, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “We’re grateful for what we have,” says entrepreneur Farrah Ali. “The next step is giving back.” Those two sentences summarize Ali’s approach to business, family, and life.

Her friend and fellow entrepreneur Gina Diaz shares that philosophy, and together they built a business around it, founding WE WIN LLC and the WE WIN Foundation. Through WE WIN (Women Entrepreneurs Women Investors Network), Farrah and Gina teach other hopeful female entrepreneurs how to attain financial freedom and confidence in the typically male-dominated field of real estate investing.
Financial advice, skills training, and workshop events are the tools, but the power of WE WIN is in the community that is created when like-minded female entrepreneurs invest not only in real estate but also in each other.

Ali herself works full-time as an insurance professional in addition to working from home as a real estate investor. Since 2014 she has built up a portfolio of carefully selected properties that were transformed from abandoned houses or empty buildings into homes where young families can establish roots in a community. As a single mother of two children, Ali understands the value of community ties.

Diaz brings to the partnership her professional experience as manager of Diazcase Realty and Diazcase Law, her own law office that specializes in real estate law while also serving undocumented immigrants who want a better life but need shepherding into citizenship. As a mother of three children and a survivor of ovarian cancer, Diaz feels a special connection with families who may feel overwhelmed and hopeless.  
Ali and Diaz started the WE WIN LLC to teach real estate investment skills to women and give them the confidence to succeed. They launched the WE WIN Foundation to remind women that no one succeeds alone. The foundation is a nonprofit that seeks out ways to give back to the communities that WE WIN LLC is already investing in.
For example, in May of this year, the WE WIN Foundation organized a food giveaway in Lansing, Illinois, one of the communities where Ali and others have made significant real estate investments. Foundation members and their families personally purchased, packed, and delivered 250 boxes of grocery items to a central location in Lansing. Arrangements had been made with local officials, and the community came together to greet recipients and place boxes of food directly in cars, a completely contact-free process. Recipients were pleased to receive groceries to help their families, Village officials were pleased with how smoothly run the event was, and WE WIN Foundation members felt the joy of investing in lives and communities.

The Foundation built on the success of that event and hosted a similar event in Joliet, Illinois, where they fed 250 families, and Brighton Park, Illinois, where they fed 500 families and provided funds to alleviate additional needs by subsidizing some families’ rent payments. The Foundation plans to continue this type of giving back through events in other communities throughout the Chicagoland area, and WE WIN LLC is working to adapt their in-person networking model of business in order to accommodate the COVID restrictions that are currently in place.
It won’t be easy, but Ali and Diaz are up to the challenge. In any situation, their guiding

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