Pandemic and Shelter-in-Place Expanding Group of First Adopters; Consumers Expected to Increase Tech Adoption Post-Pandemic

SARATOGA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New report data on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on consumers’ technology purchasing habits suggests that the COVID-19 “shelter-in-place” not only caused an immediate spike in U.S. consumer technology adoption, but also appears to have created more avid tech buyers or “First Adopters” over the long term.

The survey data is published in a new report from Mojo Vision, the Invisible Computing company, and shows increased technology purchasing and usage behaviors. The onset of COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place orders across the country caused 60% of First Adopters to buy and/or try new devices, applications and services that they had not used before. The same was true with 40% of Later Adopters who affirmed they too were buying or trying new tech because of the pandemic.

More importantly, these Later Adopters – consumers that usually wait to purchase new devices, apps or technology-driven services – are moving toward even earlier adoption. Forty-one percent of this group of respondents stated that, even after the pandemic subsides, they are likely to continue purchasing and using new technology at this new pace.

The report, titled The Long-term Impact of COVID’s Short-term Technology Adoption, based on a survey of 2,000 consumers in June 2020, also found that 76% of First Adopters will continue adopting technology at this “pandemic pace” even after the current conditions subside. The primary factors influencing adoption, usage behavior and attitudes are: communicating with friends and family, improving quality of life, and enhancing work-from-home capabilities.

The increased adoption and usage resulted in consumers becoming more reliant on technology. Fifty percent of all respondents said the onset of COVID-19 caused them to use or depend more on devices, apps and services. This reliance and frequency of use in turn shifted attitudes toward the technology industry: nearly all of the respondents (90%) said their attitudes toward the tech industry and tech brands have become more positive or stayed the same since the onset of COVID-19. In fact, among younger respondents (ages 18-29), half of them had a more positive attitude toward the technology industry and brands — the highest of any age group — and particularly significant considering this demographic will likely be the key future purchasers of such technology.

In order for this positive sentiment to continue, consumers said technology innovation and products in the future should focus on health, medicine and safety (36%), have more purpose and serve a greater good (35%), and deliver better security and privacy (35%) — factors that appear to be influenced by greater concerns in the world.

“In the midst of an unprecedented health and economic crisis, our data shows a surge in consumer technology adoption and usage that looks to endure well past the pandemic,” said Steve Sinclair, SVP of Product and Marketing at Mojo Vision. “With over half (56%) of all consumers saying they’re likely to continue buying and trying new devices, apps and services in the future, consumer attitudes and behaviors have forever changed, reshaping and expanding the profile of First Adopters.”

“The data also indicates a consumer desire for products that help others and serve a greater societal purpose,” continued Sinclair. “In particular, they want apps, devices and services to emphasize health, medicine and safety. This is a signal to technology companies to focus on the type of innovation that puts these consumer needs first and to incorporate design that is more purpose-driven.”

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