J. Thelander Consulting announces the launch of second venture: Complander, a staff-level compensation platform to help level the playing field

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–J. Thelander Consulting announces the official launch of Complander, a single destination for private company and investment firm compensation data for staff level employees. Complander combines employee-reported data from more than 5,000 private companies and investment firms with information provided by registered Complander users, making it the only resource that provides verified compensation data for more than 170 positions within private companies and investment firms, across all major industries and regions. Now, for the first time, employees have equal footing with employers when it comes to negotiating compensation.

“We built a solid business on top of J. Thelander Consulting. For more than 20 years, we have researched and compiled executive-level compensation data,” said Jody Thelander, CEO and Founder of J. Thelander Consulting. “However, we realized there was a gap in the market and a genuine need for more transparency around staff-level compensation—that’s where Complander comes in. Now, staff-level job seekers can access verified compensation data for the role, region and industry they’re pursuing.”

How it works

Complander users seeking information on a particular role can simply log in to the platform to review verified data for their current job or the job they are seeking. Users will also benefit from educational tools to help them better understand the compensation market, and make more informed decisions about their compensation and career.

Complander leverages information from employee-reported survey data of more than 5,000 private companies and investment firms. The company couples this information with self-reported data of registered Complander users, all of which is verified for accuracy before being entered into the platform. Complander offers a free and paid version of the platform. Paid users get a comprehensive look at the compensation of a particular role, including upper and lower percentiles, as well as the mean and median of the base salary, bonus, percentage of equity or carried interest. Users who opt for the free service will receive an abbreviated version of the report.

“Having data is powerful, especially when you are negotiating your salary for a new job,” said Morgan Thelander, Founder & Chief Entrepreneur of Complander. “Current and prospective employees can now leverage our platform to back up their claims with real market data. This is something that simply didn’t exist with this level of detail before.”

Complander is backed by parent company J. Thelander Consulting and will be led by Morgan Thelander. Jody Thelander will oversee the long term strategy of the business, along with the board of directors, which includes Larry Leisure, founder and managing partner of Chicago Pacific Founders, Melissa Taunton partner at New Enterprise Associates, Bloomberg veteran Mary McBride and Carleen Hawn, CEO of Healthspottr.

About Complander

Complander, a J. Thelander Consulting company, was founded in 2020 by Jody and Morgan Thelander, a mother-daughter duo. The company provides private company and investment firm compensation data for staff level employees and beyond. Complander is the only platform to provide accurate and accessible compensation data on more than 170 positions across all major industries and regions. Complander users can enjoy basic features of the product for free or pay a small fee for a more complete look at compensation trends for a particular job.

For more information please visit www.complander.com.


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