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Have you ever wondered why you keep spending money on outrageous energy bills, despite your moderate energy consumption? Well, here is the reason. If you have been on a tariff for too long without changing providers, then there are chances that you are missing out on better deals. Based on facts, about 11 million UK households pay more than they should on gas and electricity consumption; it gets worse for those under the Big Six energy companies, namely SSE, British Gas, EDF, E.ON UK, Scottish Power, and Npower. These are the major electricity distributors throughout the UK. There have been several complaints about consumers having to pay more for energy bills. Surprisingly, the hike in tariffs occurs throughout these corporations, almost simultaneously, raising suspicions that they unfairly charge more for energy consumption.

What’s Next?

Do you know that about 61% of UK households have never, for once, switched energy providers. This situation is attributed to the assumption that the switching process is complicated and wearisome. Contrary to these thoughts, it takes just a few minutes to find a better tariff and energy provider. Here is why you should consider changing your provider (if you haven’t in a long time). About 80% of households in the UK get their energy from one of the Big Six energy companies, of which you may be among. The average bill a household spends on dual fuel tariff on any of these providers is estimated to be over £1,100 per year. With a smaller energy provider, you can save more than £200 annually.

How Do I Switch Providers?

It is important to know the steps involved in switching providers, as it would help you make energy comparison with your present energy tariff. To begin with, you need to contact a reputable energy consultant, like USave, to compare gas and electricity tariffs among energy providers. Once in touch, the consultant will request for the following details:

  • Your postcode
  • The name of your current energy provider
  • The type of tariff you are on (fixed or variable)
  • The type of meter you use.

With these details, a list of energy providers and tariffs will be generated. Compare energy prices and choose the most ideal tariff for your needs. Once you have selected a tariff and switch, you will be given a 14-day cooling period (should you decide to terminate the process). With your new energy provider in charge, you have less worries. They will contact your current provider, notifying them about the switch.

What Happens To My Access To Energy?

Most energy users worry about the supply of gas and electricity during the switching process. It will suffice to state that your energy supply will not be disrupted. The only difference you will notice is the change in your energy provider’s name and the energy bill.

What Happens If I Am Indebted To My Current Provider?

Once the switch is completed, your current provider will send you the final energy bill. This bill will not hinder your switch (depending on your new provider). However, if your debts exceed £500, then you will be required to pay part of it before the switching process can be completed.

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