BALTIMORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Campbell & Company (“Campbell”), a registered investment advisor based in Baltimore, Maryland, announced today that the Campbell Systematic Macro Fund (EBSIX, EBSAX, EBSCX, EBSPX), a series of The RBB Fund, Inc. has completed the previously announced acquisition of the Equinox Campbell Strategy Fund effective June 1st, 2020.

Campbell, which previously served as the sub-adviser to the portfolio, will now operate as the sole advisor to the fund going forward. The reorganization provides benefits to existing shareholders of the acquired fund in the form of lower net and gross operating expenses.

“We’re always looking for ways to reduce cost and complexity for our shareholders,” said Will Andrews, CEO of Campbell. “By becoming advisor of the Fund and moving it to RBB, we are able to simplify the fund structure while providing better client services at a reduced cost.”

The Fund’s investment objective and strategy will remain the same; accessing Campbell’s flagship Managed Futures Portfolio, which seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation, as well as:

  • Provide a return independent from traditional investments like equities and bonds
  • Enhance portfolio diversification
  • Reduce overall portfolio volatility
  • Minimize size and recovery from portfolio drawdowns

“Campbell has been a wonderful partner, and we are thrilled they brought their flagship fund home to RBB,” said Arnold M. Reichman, Chairman of the RBB Board. “Given their long-term track record and differentiated strategy, we are excited about the funds’ future growth prospects.”

About Campbell & Company

Campbell & Company is a pioneer and continual innovator in quantitative investment management. The firm was established in 1972 and is based in Baltimore, MD. Campbell specializes in systematic absolute return strategies for institutional and individual clients in the US and across the globe.

About The RBB Fund, Inc.

Founded in 1988, The RBB Fund, Inc is a registered open-end investment company organized as a series trust under Maryland law. RBB is a turnkey solution which permits the advisor to focus on its core competency of asset management and shifts responsibility for the establishment, servicing, and corporate governance of funds to RBB. Today, RBB oversees approximately $15 billion in assets, supporting ten unaffiliated advisors, over 15 unaffiliated sub-advisors, and over 30 mutual fund or ETF offerings. For more information, please go to

The Campbell Funds are offered only by prospectus. The prospectus contains important information, including investment objectives, risks, advisory fees and expenses and should be considered carefully. Please read the Prospectus carefully before investing or sending money. For a current Prospectus please visit our website at, or call 1-844-261-6488.

Diversification does not assure a profit, nor does it guarantee against a loss in a declining market.

The Fund’s investment activities involve a significant degree of risk and are suitable only for investors with a high tolerance for investment risk including the possible loss of principal. The Fund may invest in commodities, futures, forwards, derivatives (options and swaps) and other derivatives based on fixed income securities which are subject to credit and interest rate risk. Managed futures employ leverage; they are speculative investments that are subject to a significant amount of market risk and they are not appropriate for all investors. Although adding managed futures to a portfolio may provide diversification, managed futures are not a perfect hedging mechanism; there is no guarantee that managed futures will appreciate during periods of inflation or stock and bond market declines. There is no assurance that the Fund will achieve its investment objective.

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