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Konnichiwa Sic Bo – the trending online casino game in Japan



To begin with, ‘Konnichiwa’ means ‘good day’ in Japanese. So, what is Sic Bo, and what is doing in Japan?

It all starts with gambling. Initially, if you wanted to bet at a game of baccarat or blackjack, you had to head for a casino. It wasn’t just a game of chance that reeled in the gamblers. 

The entire experience of walking into a casino was mesmerizing. But, technology brought smartphones into our lives, and everything has changed ever since.


The Introduction Of Online Casinos

Life has become too fast-paced for people to take time to visit a casino every time they feel the urge to gamble. Hence, online casinos became an instant hit.

Let’s just say, the people who originally came up with the idea of online casinos were no novice. They know what appeals to the avid gambler – great bonuses, huge game selection, accessibility, and much more.

And, once they managed to get the gamer on to their websites, the players were hooked. 

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How did online casino manage such a feat?

The traditional casino offered authentic games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and even rows upon rows of slot machines. But, the extensive range of games that online casinos can offer is astounding.

This is where Sci Bo comes into the picture.


What is Sic Bo?

It is a game of chance, played with three dices. Originally from China, and also known as ‘Tai Sai’ or ‘Dai Siu’. The literal meaning of sic bo is ‘precious dice’.

This game was introduced to the United States in the 20th century by Chinese immigrants. It was quite a big hit in American casinos. And, after that Sic Bo has taken the world by storm.


How is Sic Bo played in Japan?

Introduced in Japan soon after it gained popularity around the globe. It is an acknowledged fact that everyone loves to bet as much as the next person.

Japan is no different from the rest of the world. Japanese people love to bet on a game of chance just as much. But, online casinos have managed to broaden the horizon for gamblers unlike anything else.

Sic Bo is played in the Land of the Rising Sun on a live online casino game. This is a portal that allows players to participate in a game that is being run by a live dealer.

A licensed online casino can offer live online Sic Bo games, where a thoroughly trained and licensed live dealer runs the game. Here, the players can see the dealer but the dealer cannot see the players.

Live Sic bo casino games are more thrilling as the game may include players from across the globe. You learn new skills, make new friends, win bets, and have tons of fun all in one excitement-packed game of Sic Bo.


In Conclusion

Online casinos around the world offer their gamers huge bouses to get registered and play. Japan has a distinct taste for Japanese content with authentic cartoon characters and animation. Not to mention, flawless gaming technical capabilities.

Thus, if you haven’t tried your hand at Sic bo, go ahead and give it a go at 6Takarakuji. Word of caution – go for the well-established and licensed Japanese online casinos. 

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