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All beginnings are challenging at first, but after a while, it becomes easier and you more experienced. Starting your fashion business is both exciting and frightening, especially in today’s competitive market. While it’s attractive to be your own boss, it may all seem a bit overwhelming for a novice entrepreneur. But if you are up for some retail 101, here are tips that will help you handle it all like a pro.

1.    Start with a plan

Opening a fashion business is your vision so you need to create a detailed plan as possible to cover all the important factors. Going through fashion magazines is always a good place to familiarizing yourself with the latest trends and prices. You may get some ideas by visiting your future competition and even come up with concepts that can attract more customers to your place. Having a plan in place can help you with determining your budget, choosing suppliers, and even inspire the visual identity of your store.

2.    Secure your finances

Starting any business will require a certain amount of investment from your part. When it comes to fashion, you will have to secure your finances in order to open the store. In particular, you need to lease a space, hire employees, buy the merchandise, invest in a marketing campaign, and renovate the store. And these are only the main expenses. Calculating how much you will need to invest to get started can help you get loans or downsize your business plan to fit the realistic budget and avoid debt.

3.    Location matters

One of the most important decisions is the location of your store. You need to think about neighborhoods and streets with dense foot traffic since that can bring you a lot of potential customers. The location can also define your clientele, and if they can afford what you are offering in your store or not. Another thing to pay attention to is the square footage and if you can afford the amount you will need. The cost of leasing a place depends not only on its size but also how attractive is the location for a retail business.

4.    Visualize the store’s interior

The interior design of your store can be a great asset for attracting customers. Think about décor that is in tune with the type of clothing you will have at your store, as well as the target clientele. Being creative with the store windows is always a good way to get attention from passers-by. However, don’t forget that the display of merchandise inside the store can also inspire your customers to shop at your place. For example, use mannequins to show off the newest pieces, and put discounted clothes in a noticeable spot, like the middle of the store.

5.    Define your target customers

Target customers are the ones determining how successful you will be in the fashion business. So, before opening your store, you need to define who it is for. For instance, do you want to specialize in a fashion intended only for women, men, or both? Age, style, and profession also have a big part in deciding what type of merchandise you will sell. Offering something new is a good way to make your store more unique, but make sure that it’s within the interest of your target customers so it would sell.

6.    Invest in marketing

It’s not enough to have quality merchandise and attractive décor — you need marketing to spread the word about your store. Organize the grand opening of your business with special sales and you can have a small fashion show to display your merchandise. Invite everyone you know, influencers, media, and even city officials to celebrate your big day. Make sure that you announced the opening throughout all your social media accounts and maybe even held a giveaway for your followers. Social media is also great for placing ads since it’s a cheap way to advertise and can reach local clientele.

7.    Find a reliable partner

Finding a trustworthy partner for your business is the key to success so take your time with this step in starting your fashion business. Ask potential partners for their portfolio and see if you can find reviews about their clothes online from customers and other vendors. Also, it’s better to invest in wholesale dresses, jeans, and other pieces of clothing because you can get a quantity discount from the supplier. When you find a perfect partner to build a lasting business relationship, it’s half the work done towards opening your first store.

8.    Think about insurance

It’s always a good idea to have some insurance in place and avoid situations that can potentially harm your fashion business. Retail business insurance can protect you from property damage, employee injuries, and theft. The cost of insurance will depend on the size of your business, property, the number of employees, and other factors. General liability insurance offers coverage in case of lawsuits resulting from disgruntled customers.  Worker’s compensation will cover the costs of employee’s injuries on the job, or if they become ill.

In the end

These tips can help you when starting your fashion business, but you may also learn a lot along the way. Just start your retail adventure with a plan and stay within your budget, at least until you establish your brand on the market. And afterward, maybe you will expand to a bigger store or even own a franchise across the town.