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Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – April 15, 2020) – FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp. (CSE: FDM) (OTCQB: FDMSF) (FSE: TQ43) (“FANDOM SPORTS” or the “Company”), is pleased to confirm that the FANCOIN, the Company’s trademarked in-game platform currency, will serve as the cryptography-secured model for blockchain-based microtransactions within the Fandom Esports Platform providing value and functionality for large esports user bases of any age.

Using the Blaze protocol as a micropayment infrastructure provides additional value to end-users. Within the Fandom esports ecosystem, players can make FANCOIN purchases and transactions knowing their Player Card, a unique users Fandom esports identity tied directly to their FANCOIN wallet is secure. Blaze’s ability to provide the speed and flexibility for expenditures to gamers would ultimately lead to increased customer retention.

FANCOINS can provide a further benefit to end-users as rewards or incentives for targeted sponsorship or published content. The platform’s blockchain-based model offers the ability to direct relevant content to users based on their preferences and user habits.

The end goal is to attract users who become invested as “players”, who compete for rewards and prestige while building their unique “Player Card” with the associated wallet. It provides a potential recurring revenue generator attached with high margins for the Company, as this captivated global fan base remains within the Fandom Esports ecosystem.

Registered trademarks for the Fandom Sports brand logo and FANCOIN were obtained across main global markets. These trademarks support the monetization method through a blockchain-secured platform gamer currency offering a service to esports fans to play, predict and get rewarded.

The registered trademarks cover the key international markets of China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, United Kingdom and Germany; jurisdictions where esports has demonstrated explosive growth.

Mr Henri Holm, CEO, comments: “Our Technology partner Deqode built the Fandom Esports’ Architecture for secured online in-game transaction in mind, and we trademarked FANCOIN for this specific reason. An internal company in-game currency model creates significant platform value from a multi-level perspective and ultimately drives greater user consumption which triggers multiple revenue drivers.”

Further to the “FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp. Announces Esports Focused Non-Brokered Private Placement” news release on February 20. 2020, the Company wishes to confirm that the closing of the Private Placement will take place shortly.



FANDOM SPORTS Media is an entertainment company that aggregates, curates and produces unique fan-focused content.

Fandom Esports Platform is all about micro-payments with Blaze blockchain technology that offers unbeatable speed and high industry adaptability. Because of its unparalleled speed and industry-defining structure. Using Blaze as a payment structure for Fandom Esports Platform will open up new micro transaction-based revenue opportunities for FANDOM SPORTS.

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