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Laws on sports betting in the United States have always been a talking point both in the United States and internationally. But as more states begin to legalise this event as well as gambling in its other forms, it is interesting times for the expansion of the gambling industry on a worldwide scale. In this article, we will be looking into the changing laws in Washington when it comes to gambling in tribal casinos.

Washington State Gambling Laws

At this current moment in time, there are no plans to legalise sports betting in the state of Washington as bookmaking and bets online are not accepted. These are illegal in the state and have been since the passing of the gambling act in 1973. However as more and more of the 50 states begin to make sports betting legal, there are signs that Washington may be next in line to make sports betting in all its forms legal.

How Has This Begun To Change?

Though there are no signs to make sports betting available to the general public in Washington, there has recently been a bill passed for Tribal Casinos. This is a huge step in the legalisation of betting in Washington, however, it is only permitted on tribal lands. This has benefitted the tribes in the state as they claim that revenue from betting such as this will help to fund medical care as well as education for tribe members.

In addition to this, the revenue generated from this form of gambling will also be used to rebuild businesses that have been affected by the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. This is a key time in tribal government and is set to generate revenue for them almost instantly when businesses and everyday life returns to normal.

What Could This Mean For Gambling In The US?

Though this is only the beginning of changes to laws in the US, this is a promising time for sports betting industries as well as fans of gambling as a whole. For more information on the ongoing changes to the laws in the US, you can check Legalbetting for more information as well as a number of other online bill trackers. They will be able to provide you with the most up to date information regarding these changes and what this could mean for all your favourite games. As we all begin to rely more and more on the internet, sports betting is being legalised around the world. With places such as the UK allowing for gambling in all its forms, could America ever catch up when it comes to that level of freedom?

The Trump Presidency and Online Gambling

For many, the Trump presidency looks like a promising sign for the legalisation of sports betting as he has often shown his support for the industry. However, with a number of supporters also owning their own casinos, there is a vast amount of revenue that they could lose by rushing to a decision. Therefore, there is reason to suggest that the legalisation of online gambling and sports betting in the capital of Washington is a long way off. Though there is no definitive proof of this, there have been many chances for a bill to be bought into congress but this is yet to occur, but who knows, 2020 could be the year that this is covered.

Other State Bills Soon To Be Passed

As the news of change in Washington is currently making headlines, it is important to member that there are also many other changes being made in several other states. To help you keep track of all the recent changes, we have listed some of the states that are currently passing bills to legalise sports betting in the near future.

  • Arkansas
  • New Hampshire
  • Illinois
  • Montana

These are just a few of the many states that have either already legalised sports betting or are very close to doing so in 2020 making this a promising time ahead for the future of the industry.

With this in mind, many changes are being made to the betting industry al over the world not just in the USA as they are having to do more to cope with the demand in the digital era. Will you try your hand at sports betting in the future?