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Digital Platform is full of sharks. Okay, let us tone down and call them villains on apocalyptic missions. Well, they are not aliens to take over the world but still, you need to have arsenals in place to save your profile and presence. You don’t need any gun, missile or rocket launcher to stay safe; it’s a modern war going on World Wide Web and you just need to get ready with a handful of tools to survive the battle. 

What are the common salient features of these ‘Stay Safe’ tools? Well, they are easy to understand and use even for a non-technical person. They also function across the smartphone platforms and that is definitely a brownie point. 

1. Animato

Video is most amazing and engaging of all social media tools. Though video is the king of all media hypes, we see only a few video posts on social media. Why such a paradox? The fact is it takes a lot of effort, creativity and technical skill to create, modify and publish a video. And then there is continuous challenge of staying ahead on learning curve of advanced video editing software. 

Hold your breath as Animato is an effective tool to cushion the blow. Simplifying video creation is the most effective step towards taking the bull by the horns. Start with choosing a perfect template that matches your needs and proceed to set the foundation bricks for your video. After these are done, personalization remains the unfinished work. You can change almost anything from font size, colour, border to shadows, transitions, animations and many more. 

To add more flavours, choose from a plethora of royalty free music tracks suited for demos, tutorials, teasers, slideshows and whatever you might need.

What is perfect video? Well, perfection is a utopian reality. Still Animato app, available both on iOS and Android, offers great benefits to help you get closer to perfection. 

One important point to remember is Animato comes at a price. Both basic plan and professional plan are available. Animato is a wonderful tool that you can use to avoid video–editing software. The tool is capable of produce high quality videos only if you can put harmonious blend of your creativity and technical knowledge to an excellent use. 


2. Canva

If video is the king, image is the prince! And both the elements from the royal family suffer the same fate. Creating images is more difficult than composing text and should be handed over to a professional to handle with efficiency. Also make a note of the fact that image editing software comes at a heavy price. 

Canva offers high-quality images tailored to client-centric mission and vision. It is specially meant for those who want to avoid heavy license fees and learning curve. The tool provides you with templates catering to Display pictures, brochures, cover photos and book covers.

Whether you want to design a captivating cover photo for your FB/Twitter page or create a fancy Instagram post. One can Buy Instagram Followers UK to reach more people. Canva is full of features to fulfil your wish. Choose a template to lay the foundation brick for the image. You can now easily add a few twists and touches and the final output will have a signature of a skilled professional. 

For a newbie, basic free Canva plan is enough to explore amazing potentials of the app. The paid plans come with better stock images, larger cloud storage, typefaces and many more. 

Canva is bliss for all types of people who are not crazy about mega accuracy and bothering themselves with Photoshop learning curve and overlay definition. For those comfortable with glitches of a web app, Canva is really good to try. 


3. Buffer Publish

For new-age social media platforms, their media guidelines continue being the Achilles Heel. Facebook leans towards cover layout for images whereas Instagram favours square dimensions for the same. And if it comes to Twitter, that’s a different story. 

Posting times still continue being a big predicament. Every user wants his or her post to stay relevant round the clock but it gets lost in the crowd of opinions in only a few minutes. Your posts on Instagram may remain relevant for a long time but it is unlikely for you to hang on to that for longer. It’s really challenging to fight out these intricacies and still come up with flying colours. The best option for you is to add a social medial management app to your arsenal. 


4. BuzzSumo

It matters little if you have made an eye-catchy video with Animato or worked with a social media manager app such as Buffer Publish, at the end of the day, it is the content that interests your target audiences and makes all the differences. It is the ultimate password for your social media success. 

BuzzSumo is an excellent app that allows you to know the current content trend around the globe. Yes, you can do with free apps (for example, Google Trends) but BuzzSumo takes the things to a different level. 

The app allows you to filter any topic based on date, location, effectiveness, trends and many more. It recommends topics if you face any problem in choosing topics. The app even allows you to keep a constant watch on contents posted on pre-defined topics/tags. This way, you will always get to know the current type and trend of competition.


5. Buffer Reply

Your content quality is surely the masterstroke to win the audiences but there are other players that will help you stay at the top of your game. One of these is how you stay in touch with your audiences through quality content writing. The strength of the connection lies in building a block of loyal fan. Uploads and analytics can be automated but communication part is done manually and here lies a big problem. 

The team that gave us Buffer Publish also gifts us Buffer Reply, a newer version that has enough potentials to carve a niche for itself. The app collects mentions/replies/comments on your social media accounts and presents those in an inbox. It features an auto responder that adds a professional touch to your business profile/account.

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