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Refersion Joins Igloo in Furthering its Pledge of Donating Profits to the CDC Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund

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100% of Refersion Service Fees, Up to $5,000, Billed to Igloo Will Benefit the CDC Foundation Over the Course of the COVID-19 Pandemic

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Refersion, the leading affiliate and influencer tracking platform, today announced a new philanthropic initiative to help combat COVID-19. The company is partnering with Igloo, who is pledging 100% of e-commerce profits from their popular line of Playmate® coolers to the CDC Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund for the next 30 days, to donate 100% of service fees, up to $5,000, over the course of the pandemic.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Refersion to scale our affiliate and influencer marketing programs and fuel additional donations that will help those affected by COVID-19,” said Brian Garofalow, VP, Marketing and eCommerce, Igloo. “Both of our teams are working hard to find safe ways to make an impact while practicing social distancing in a tumultuous time.“

As consumers avoid large crowds and brick and mortar retail locations, data is showing a surge in e-commerce sales across various verticals, and in one case, an increase as high as 319% over the last four weeks.1

Refersion has seen a 31% uptick in total affiliate conversion order value among online brands.2 Marketers currently running affiliate and influencer campaigns to generate incremental revenue are benefiting while consumers are spending more time at home.

With an increase in revenue due to growing e-commerce sales, Refersion is committed to giving back by donating to those affected by the pandemic.

“Helpfulness is a core-value we hold in high regards at Refersion, not only for our employees, merchants, and partners, but for those who are less fortunate in our communities,” said Alex Markov, Chief Executive Officer of Refersion. “We recognized this is a time when people need help, and we believe donating to the CDC Foundation is the best way to reach those who’ve been the most impacted.”

The CDC Foundation, a nonprofit organization within the CDC, provides financial assistance where federal and state funding is not timely available. Corporate, private entities, and individuals can donate to the CDC Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund directly via their website.

About Refersion

Refersion helps brands and merchants manage, track, and grow their affiliate and influencer marketing programs. The platform is an enterprise-ready marketing platform that can launch in minutes; Refersion handles the heavy lifting so marketers can focus on building partnerships with their influencers and affiliates. Founded in 2014, Refersion is a highly-profitable, bootstrapped startup based in New York City and Miami.

1 Nielsen, March 2020

2 Refersion Platform Performance Data, March 2020


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