IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Real estate disrupter SetSchedule announces that new developments are in the works for improvements of their current technology-driven app for real estate professionals. The real estate SAAS management app will revamp the easy-to-use interface, expand current outreach capabilities, and provide upgrades to streamline business. This anticipated update will launch fall of 2021.

“We have conducted extensive research, investing resources and capital into our best-in-class app focusing on the real estate industry,” said SetSchedule COO Udi Dorner. “This is going to be a digital transformation in the user experience on all levels and while the details still remain confidential, it will be a game-changer.”

SetSchedule and its multi-patented lead marketplace has been shaking up the real estate industry since it began partnering with real estate agents in 2014. Combining real estate know-how and technological expertise, SetSchedule offers a full-fledged ecosystem that leverages AI-powered predictive data, trend insights and automated marketing software tools and machine learning. SetSchedule delivers better business efficiency to agents, teams, and brokers. The product launching in 2021 will further expand this ecosystem so that all real estate and ancillary professionals will benefit from a partnership with SetSchedule.

In addition, SetSchedule recently rolled out a new marketing platform called SetAds for all industry verticals. SetAds identifies and targets your audience using proprietary data algorithms, user purchasing behaviors and informed marketing statistics. Tailor-made ads allow businesses to control how their brand is seen while customized landing pages provide detailed analytics to discover and interpret meaningful patterns in consumer data. In an age where browsing an open marketplace provides a competitive advantage for big names and brand recognition, SetAds leverages current users and a unique marketing platform to maneuver past competitors that may have otherwise controlled market share to highlight your company and strengthen brand recognition.


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