Every American should be concerned about a corrupt politician like Mike Causey using the full force of the Federal government to prosecute the largest supporter of his opponent, says Vandeman

DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–George Vandeman, chairman of Global Growth, commented on today’s jury verdict: “We respect the jury’s decision, but we absolutely believe that these verdicts are contrary to the evidence. The jury only saw a portion of what this case was about.

“We intend to pursue all legal avenues in seeking a new trial on these issues and will immediately initiate an appeal of these verdicts. The evidence in this case clearly showed that Mike Causey, the North Carolina Insurance Commissioner, falsely testified about numerous details during his two days of testimony in the case.

“While being cross-examined, Mr. Causey answered that he ‘could not recall’ important factual details about the case on over a hundred occasions. He never made that claim a single time when being questioned by the government’s attorneys.

“One of Mr. Causey’s main accusations related to an alleged donation of $110,000. Mr. Causey claimed to have ‘received’ and ‘returned’ this donation from Mr. Lindberg. This alleged donation was a primary reason that the FBI initiated the investigation of the defendants. It was proven during trial, and the FBI conceded that this donation was never made or returned as alleged by Mr. Causey. The evidence further showed that Mr. Causey, acting as the agent of the FBI, repeatedly met with and recorded phone calls and in-person meetings with the defendants.

“The defense was able to prove during trial that neither Mr. Lindberg nor any defendant ever brought up the issue of money or discussed an intent to offer anything of value to Mr. Causey’s campaign until Mr. Causey, himself, started requesting donations.

“The evidence at trial further showed that Mr. Causey and the FBI increased their efforts to seek to induce an ‘illegal offer’ from the defendants. Testimony showed that Mr. Causey was coached by the FBI to isolate Mr. Lindberg from his advisors during meetings. Once he was alone with Mr. Lindberg, he was instructed to ask him ‘what’s in it for me,’ trying to induce the offer of a bribe.

“Mr. Causey repeatedly demanded large campaign donations from Mr. Lindberg, explaining, ‘Hell, I’m the Insurance Commissioner. I should be as high on his radar as Dan Forest or any of these other guys.’ Mr. Causey subsequently stated, ‘Well, here is my position…I haven’t seen anything directly to my benefit. I mean, I can move Jackie, I can do a lot of different things, but I don’t want to do anything until we get…money in the bank and we can go forward.’

“The only response by Mr. Lindberg was to offer to set up a legal Independent Expenditure Committee that Mr. Causey would have no control over. The defendants repeatedly stated that they would only do what was ‘compliant’ and ‘legal’ under North Carolina Election Law.

“The response by Mr. Causey and the FBI was to continue to delay approval of matters pending before the Department of Insurance that were causing great financial and business harm to the Insurance Companies owned by Mr. Lindberg. Mr. Causey’s text to the FBI said: ‘If we delay a little longer, no telling who they may bring in next.’ These intentional delays were intended to coerce the defendants into offering something that could be construed as illegal.

“After several more months had passed with no offers of anything illegal, another meeting was scheduled wherein Mr. Causey stated he was not satisfied with the offers of the legal Independent Expenditure entities. Mr. Causey began demanding that money be deposited in his personal checking account, which the tapes revealed was immediately rejected by Mr. Lindberg and the defendants.

“Mr. Causey again isolated Mr. Lindberg and continued to request that Mr. Lindberg make some form of an untraceable payment to him that he could control and use for whatever he wanted.

“Mr. Lindberg again refused and reiterated that he would only do what was allowed by law and that meeting ended. Shortly thereafter, the FBI closed the investigation and claimed that the campaign donations that had been offered constituted the ‘bribery of a public official.’

“As previously stated, Mr. Lindberg believes that his actions were legal and that he acted only at the suggestion of and from being induced by Mr. Causey and the FBI to agree to donate to Mr. Causey’s campaign.

“Mr. Causey got the attention of the FBI with the $110,000 lie. He then used his power as the Commissioner to pursue a retaliatory prosecution of a political opponent, based on a series of fabrications and falsehoods. Mr. Causey showed his true colors in his text messages with the FBI, expressing gleeful excitement that ‘things are closing in on [Greg Lindberg].’”

“Mr. Causey has even admitted publicly that the prosecution of Mr. Lindberg has been nothing but ‘positive news’ for his campaign. Every American should be concerned about a politician like Mike Causey using the full force of the Federal government to remove the largest supporter of their opponent.”

Mr. Lindberg looks forward to a successful appeal and eventual exoneration.

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