Trustifi makes it as easy to send a 256-bit AES encrypted message as it is to transmit any other email, which could speed adoption of secure environments

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trustifi, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) email security company, announced it has developed a solution that simplifies both the receipt and transmission of encrypted emails, making it just as easy to send a message with industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption as it is to send any other email. Trustifi’s solution allows users to send encrypted emails simply by clicking a box in Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. The company will demonstrate this breakthrough system at the RSA 2020 conference, booth #4615, taking place on Feb. 24 – 28, at the George R. Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California.

Competing email encryption systems require users to utilize cumbersome portals, or multi-step registration processes. These complicated processes have created a barrier to adoption to widespread use—despite the massive amount of sensitive and confidential data that is transferred via Internet with little precaution, ranging from trade secrets and legal contracts, to military correspondences and personal financial statements. The availability of a seamless yet robust email encryption system will alleviate this barrier, making encrypted email a more ubiquitous part of a comprehensive cyber security solution.

“Critically sensitive data is being distributed through cyber space prolifically every day, especially in environments such as government agencies, financial services, legal, and healthcare,” said Trustifi’s CEO Idan Udi Edry. “Encryption is particularly pertinent in light of breaches such as the one that affected Microsoft’s database this past December, exposing close to a decade worth of customer/agent correspondence and records. By developing a solution that works seamlessly and reliably with standard platforms like Outlook and Gmail, requiring only a click of a mouse to send or open an email with best-in-class encryption, we hope to increase the level of security in office environments across the industry.”

Many companies fail to realize that corporate email systems are frequently targeted as a point-of-entry for ransomware and other malicious threats. In addition to offering industry-leading, easy-to-deploy email encryption, Trustifi accommodates security for both in-bound and out-bound emails on a single solution, simplifying security management for organizations and minimizing complicated procedures typically associated with encryption systems. The data loss prevention and advanced threat protection solutions address threats such as phishing, viruses, spyware, and other malicious actors. Trustifi’s solutions are customizable, competitively priced for a variety of business environments, and are compliant with the most rigorous of security regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, PII, and CCPA.

The Trustifi RSA exhibit (#4615) will include fun amenities such as a Money Booth, where participants can catch flying cash every hour on the hour, and exciting giveaways of a drone camera, phone chargers, Alexa-enabled electronics and other prizes.  In keeping with the RSA event’s theme of “The Human Element,” Trustifi’s officers and staff will be volunteering at Project Open Hand, a community outreach center providing hot meals to disadvantaged San Francisco residents who suffer from serious illnesses, on Monday afternoon 2/24. Trustifi personnel will prepare food in the organization’s kitchen, which is located near the Moscone Center.

“We’re looking at the RSA event as a comprehensive trip where we’ll educate the market about our ultra-secure and streamlined email encryption, while also honoring the event’s theme of focusing on the human condition,” said Jason Green, Chief Revenue Officer of Trustifi. “We look forward to convening with security industry decision-makers at the Moscone Center, and with its neighbors in the local community, fulfilling a rich spectrum of purposes in one week.”

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About Trustifi

Trustifi is a cyber security firm featuring solutions delivered on a software as a service platform. Trustifi leads the market with the easiest to use and deploy email security products providing both inbound and outbound email security from a single vendor. The most valuable asset to any organization, other than its employees, is the data contained in its email, and Trustifi’s key objective is keeping client’s data, reputation, and brand safe from all threats related to email. With Trustifi’s Inbound Shield, Data Loss Prevention, and Email Encryption, clients are always one step ahead of attackers.

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