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Lytics customers can easily access and analyze massive amounts of data in Google Cloud’s secure, scalable data warehouse environment

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CDPLytics, the real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP), announced today a built-in integration with Google Cloud BigQuery that will allow Lytics customers to move massive amounts of customer and raw data into Google’s cloud-based data warehouse environment for real-time analytics. Marketers now have a fast, simple way to aggregate data from a wide variety of sources and stage it in a secure, scalable environment for deeper analysis using advanced machine-learning and any analytics tools. By combining the Lytics CDP platform with Google Cloud’s data warehouse platform and additional third-party analytics, real-time insights about behavior and intent allow marketers to answer their most pressing questions.

Lytics and BigQuery together give marketers the best of two complementary technologies: Lytics’ intelligent profile, advanced segmentation, and affinity-based marketing capabilities, and Google Cloud’s easy-to-use, simple-to-scale data warehouse solution. Because BigQuery supports a variety of analytics tools including Looker, Data Studio, and Google Analytics, Lytics customers can now get even more value from their data by analyzing, visualizing, and super-sizing it in Google Cloud. Building a data warehouse is now as simple as starting a sandbox in Google Cloud, allowing marketers to bypass the traditional barriers to large-scale analytics and the IT complexity typically associated with them.

“With today’s announcement, marketers now have access to Lytics intelligence, an industry-leading data warehouse, along with their preferred analytics tools,” said James McDermott, CEO and co-founder of Lytics. “Through Lytics’ intelligence, marketers can now receive a deeper real-time understanding of their customers’ behaviors, interests, and motivations from the customer data that resides in BigQuery.”

“Consumers expect the entire brand experience to be more streamlined and personalized than ever before,” said Debanjan Saha, VP and General Manager, Data & Analytics, Google Cloud. “We’re excited to partner with Lytics to integrate BigQuery functionality, helping marketers gain new insights to ultimately transform the experience for their customers.”

Beyond the powerful predictive insights that marketers already get through Lytics’ advanced affinity models and content recommendations, BigQuery brings exciting new capabilities to the table:

  • Dig deeper into data from a wide variety of different sources to better connect the dots between campaigns and sales conversions;
  • Visualize data to instantly assess campaign results, identify trends, and more;
  • Harness Google Cloud’s machine-learning technology to make new data discoveries;
  • Determine which actions and customer recommendations will drive the next best experience for audiences.

Lytics’ new BigQuery integration is one of many that Lytics’ campaign capabilities extend into, including recent integrations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Marketing Platform, and many other popular marketing technology tools that enable marketers to deliver more targeted campaigns and improve the customer journey. Click here to learn more about how Lytics and BigQuery can give your customer insights and marketing efforts a big lift.

About Lytics

Lytics, the real-time customer data platform (CDP), helps organizations create a single view of their customers. Organizations can unify data and surface insights in order for marketers to deliver and automate a personalized journey based on customer behavior and preferences to improve overall efficiency and drive growth. Lytics enables some of the most innovative brands including Nestlé Purina, The Economist, AEG, Atlassian, Heineken, and Yamaha. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Lytics is led by marketing and technology veterans who’ve held leadership positions at Webtrends, Airship, Tripwire, and Puppet. Lytics is backed by JMI Equity, Comcast Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Voyager Capital, Rembrandt Venture Partners, and EPIC Ventures.


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