CBD hemp oil helps in the treatment of many diseases and prevents many of them. So what are the properties of CBD oil and how can it help?

Hemp oil with CBD extract contains:

  •   1-10% CBD (depends on your choice of product);
  •   THC <0.2% (we are talking about a 100% legal product both in the Czech Republic and throughout the European Union);
  •   CBC (cannbicyclol) ​​- the allowable amount;
  •   KBHk (cannabigerol acid) – the allowable amount;
  •   KBG (cannabigerol) – the allowable amount;
  •   CBD (cannabidiol acid) – allowable amount;
  •   KBH (cannabichromene) – the allowable amount.

Other cannabinoids, which are part of the Pure CBD Geek, play an important role despite their minimal content. Scientists have even established that cannabinoids function as a “healing cocktail” – they successfully combine with each other, and if you isolate them, the healing potential decreases. Does CBD oil help with pain?

The healing properties and CBD oil benefits:

  •   antibacterial;
  •   slows down the growth of cancer cells, due to a decrease in the level of ph in the blood;
  •   promotes bone growth;
  •   reduces inflammation and cramps;
  •   reduces blood sugar;
  •   helps with autoimmune diseases, reducing the response of the immune system;
  •   reduces the risk of a heart attack;
  •   reduces the number of contractions of the small intestine;
  •   effective for nausea and vomiting;
  • CBD oil for pain;
  •   calms with anxiety;
  •   suppresses muscle cramps;
  •   calms the nervous system;
  • CBD oil for insomnia;
  •   suppresses inflammatory processes with scaly lichen.


Hemp oil: contraindications

As mentioned above, high-quality CBD oil is a superfood, and contraindications to its use can be reduced to only one thing – individual intolerance. And, of course, we must not forget that it is important to comply with the dosage. Otherwise, it threatens with diarrhea, however, as with the use of large quantities of any other oil.

Summing up, we can say that the benefits and harms of hemp oil are disproportionate. A product rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein has been undeservedly forgotten for many decades. So it turns out that today we are forced to reacquaint ourselves with oil, which is the most beneficial for human health.

Thus, hemp is perhaps the most unique plant of those studied and used by humans, capable of relieving a large number of ailments. And the medical cannabis varieties that have been specially bred and selected by breeders to get the most out of it are especially effective in dealing with this.


The effect of CBD on epileptic seizures tested on animals

Tests in mice have shown that CBD minimizes seizures caused by pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) and electroshock therapy (Shirazizand et al 2013). CBD also showed anti-epileptic properties in two other animal models of the attack (Jones et al. 2012).

In an attack caused by pilocarpine, CBD significantly reduced the percentage of animals that tolerate very strong attacks. With such an attack, CBD also lowers the mortality rate of animals as a result of a seizure.

CBD also significantly reduced the percentage of tonic-clonic seizures in experimental animals.

Further research at Reading University has revealed the anti-epileptic effects of CBD in the temporal lobe of animals in simulated seizures (Jones et al 2011).


How does CBD help with atherosclerosis?

There’s not just an effective CBD oil for anxiety or CBD oil for depression. Cannabinoid receptors in the cardiovascular system play a crucial role in the regulation of blood circulation and cardiac function.

Basically, cannabinoids of the body and CBD are the main regulators of the immune-inflammatory system and circulatory functions. Since atherosclerosis is largely characterized by inflammation, researchers suggest using CBD to counteract disease progression.


CBD and arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic or acute inflammation of the joints and is usually accompanied by structural changes and pain.

There are many causes of arthritis, including autoimmune, salt deposits, trauma, or infection. Each type of arthritis is characterized by swelling and pain. And depending on the affected joint, arthritis can lead to severe or moderate weakening.

CBD oil for arthritis can regulate chemicals and cells quite well and this means that the immune system’s response to damage will be regulated too.


Cannabinoids – treatment of epilepsy

Cannabinoids have been used medicinally for many centuries, and in the last decade, attention has been focused on their wide therapeutic potential, especially in controlling seizures. Despite the fact that some cannabinoids demonstrate anticonvulsant activity in experimental studies, their effectiveness in controlling clinical seizures has not been fully established. But still, CBD oil for autism or epilepsy can be quite a good alternative.


Can CBD cure cancer?

In 2008, laboratory studies by scientists from Spain, France, and Italy found that the active component of marijuana, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), causes the death of various types of malignant cells, while at the same time actively protects and rejuvenates healthy body cells. The effect of TKH has been repeatedly confirmed by the healing of many cancer patients who use cannabis oil inside or out. This substance has a psychotropic effect, however, in natural preparations, its negative effects are blocked by many other cannabinoids, for example, cannabidiol, which does not affect the medicinal properties of THC. This substance is called by many “the medical discovery of the 21st century” because it prevents cramps, treats oncology, schizophrenia, reduces inflammation, nausea and is also an excellent neuroprotective agent.

Currently, there is no doubt that natural CBD oil for cancer is much more effective in treating cancer than chemotherapy or any other medical treatment. Almost any disease can be cured or significantly relieved with the help of cannabis preparations.


The effects of CBD on psychosis in Parkinson’s disease

Dyskinesia is a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease. This term is used to refer to involuntary muscle contractions. Symptoms may appear as uncontrolled twitching or shaking of parts of the body. As a result of the progression of the disease, slow motion appears. In patients treated with Levodopa for a long time, specific Levodopa-induced dyskinesia may occur, which can lead to the appearance of chorea, dystonia, and athetosis.

Cannabinoid receptors of the central nervous system are concentrated in the substantia nigra region, which is directly related to dopamine signaling, which is responsible for the regulation of motor activity. The natural intake of CBD oil for Parkinson’s plays an important role in this process.


CBD and type 1 diabetes

Basic research shows that CBD has a beneficial effect in the treatment of type 1 diabetes because CBD prevents the complications that cause the disease, such as damage to blood vessels and veins.


Conclusion: Although the effect of cannabidiol is not fully understood, it is known that it interacts with many-body systems. It increases the number of “native” endocannabinoids in the human body, works with serotonin receptors, is responsible for the well-being, and helps calm the nervous system. This is a kind of whole-body massage at the molecular level. Doctors are extremely skeptical about this trend: such products are usually useless. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully study products with CBD to find the best for yourself, and not succumb to marketing hype.


About the Author: Richard Browny is from Los Angeles, has 5 years of writing experience and is now dedicated to studying the CBD effects on the human body and all the products containing it.