Free government internet and laptop may be unbelievable to know because laptops and the internet are not cheap at all. But it is true that there is a simple process to get free government internet and laptop indeed. Now that you have known that free government internet and laptop is existing and you may also qualify to get this in your life.

Low-income families and the students who are underprivileged can easily get free government internet and laptop. They can study online and research with the help of a laptop with the internet. So you can know how to get free government internet and laptop in this article.

Free laptop from Freecycle

Freecycle is a worldwide organization that provides laptop at free cost. The authority of Freecycle firstly understands the needs of the laptop for an individual. After that, they give away a free laptop if an individual meets the criteria. So an individual may visit this site and how free laptop distribution works.

Free laptop from PCs for People

PCs For People is a non-profit organization that works to develop the community people. People who need a laptop may apply to this organization and get a laptop. The nature of the laptop is refurbished. It is also important to note that this organization donates different generation’s computers that have windows 10 licensed copies. So you may visit their site to make sure you are eligible or not.

Free laptop from St Vincent De Paul

In the United States of America, it is easy to get a free laptop from different non-profit organizations. There are a number of a non-profit organization that works to develop the community people. Part of this fact, they provide a free laptop to make sure people can get facilities for using the internet and computers.

St Vincent De Paul is one of the non-profit organization that arranges free laptop for the individual who needs for their works. So the best advice we may suggest that you visit their website and follow their instructions to get a free laptop.

Free laptop from The one Laptop Per child

The One Laptop per Child is an organization that gives free laptops for children. They believe that every child should grow up with technological skills to be a future tech-based profession. Part of this fact, this organization provides own low-power, low-cost rugged laptop. So to get this laptop, you may visit their website.

Free laptop from the state department of social services

The state department of social services works relentlessly for the betterment of the people. They provide information on which organization gives away a free laptop. So it is important to stay touch on this government site as they update different news on the free laptops as well.

Free Laptop from The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

In every state of the United States of America, there is an organization named the Alliance for Technology refurbishing and reuse. It is happy news to know that this organization provides a laptop for needy people.

Free Laptop from an Online Public School

Online school is popular in the age of the internet and most of the school is going online. So students may attend the class online and they need a laptop and internet. These types of online schools provide laptops freely with unlimited internet. So you may seek this type of school to get free laptops and the internet.

Free Laptop from getting Causes

Get causes is a charity group which gives away free laptop for the people who don’t afford to buy a laptop. The specific people who are from the veteran’s family, the military family are eligible to get this free laptop. But now some low-income families may apply to get free laptops from this organization. So you make sure what criteria they follow to manage a laptop for individuals.

Free Laptop from Open Education

Open Education is run by online and they provide laptop at free cost. This is one of the major tools to attend an online class. In this case, you may search for the school and colleges which provide laptops and the internet. You may visit their official website to get a free laptop.


A laptop with the internet is not just about a form of entertainment. It is an essential part of communication, study, research, and different online activities such as web hosting and to create online store. So many people may study or research which can contribute to the country’s overall development. Government, non-profit organization and online school and college manage a free laptop for the people who need for study and research purposes.

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