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BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Royal Selangor Launches the First Ever Confucian-Themed Celestial Wisdom Collection in Beijing, 25 October 2019.

Royal Selangor taps into ancient wisdom and pays tribute to iconic thinker, Confucius, through Celestial Wisdom. Based on the original sculptures in Mr Chiang Yi-tze’s 40-year-old private works, Royal Selangor has brought Confucius and his disciples to life, and given visual sense to the humanistic values which form the basis of a richly rewarding life today.

The launch took place at The Puxuan Hotel and Spa with special guests, Mr. Kong Deyong, the 77th descendant, and his son, Mr. Richard Kong, the 78th descendant of Confucius. Also, in attendance was Mr. Chiang Yi-tze, an acclaimed artist, the man to whom the sculptures owe their shape and form.

The event was officiated by Mr. Yong Yoon Li, Executive Director of Royal Selangor International. “The whole collection tells a story, not just about Confucius and his teachings, but also the different characters that the disciples play in the entire story. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses which resonate with everyone regardless of age, social background or lifestyle.” says Yong Yoon Li, the Executive Director of Royal Selangor International.

“Before Confucius’ era, education was the privilege of the aristocrats. Confucius was an early proponent of making it available to the masses. Celestial Wisdom, also known as yǒu jiào wú lèi, embraces the spirit of education for all, without discrimination, regardless of age or social background.” Says Richard Kong, the 78th descendant of Confucius.

“It is hard to find someone like Confucius. He was a very kind and generous man who gave free education to just about anyone who was willing to learn. And this is the reason why I would like to share his teachings with the rest of the world.” says Chiang Yi-tze.

The event continued with a Q&A session between Mr. Yong Yoon Li, Mr, Richard Kong and Mr. Chiang Yi-tze with members of the media. The event ended at 4.30pm with photo taking sessions with guests at the photo wall.


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