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care.ai Collaborates with NVIDIA to Pioneer Artificial Intelligence-enabled Autonomous Patient Monitoring in Healthcare


ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — care.ai, a healthcare AI innovator, announces today its collaboration with NVIDIA to transform how healthcare is delivered. care.ai’s cutting edge end-to-end AI solution provides an autonomous monitoring platform that leverages NVIDIA’s world-leading platform for AI at the edge.

NVIDIA’s Jetson platform, an AI computer that delivers high-performance computing power for running modern AI workloads, will serve as the core compute engine for care.ai’s autonomous monitoring edge solutions. This collaboration provides a breakthrough in deploying care.ai’s machine-vision based deep neural networks to the edge.

Contextual behavior recognition will revolutionize the way care is delivered in every care setting. With the ability to detect, infer and predict adverse events, providers will be able to impact care like never before. care.ai’s deep neural networks use proprietary and custom-built human behavior data sets – the largest of their kind in the world. In addition, the AI networks are designed to continuously learn with high accuracy as they detect and evaluate a full range of behaviors.

“There is a great number of preventable incidents that occur within hospitals and nursing homes each year: falls, infections and protocol violations,” said Chakri Toleti, Founder and CEO of care.ai. “As a leader in AI, NVIDIA was a clear choice for us as we built the world’s most advanced solution to these yet to be solved problems. Through this collaboration, we now have the ability to run our deep neural networks on devices while maintaining a small physical and energy footprint.”

NVIDIA Jetson drives computationally intensive applications for AI at the edge to enable care.ai’s autonomous monitoring solution to recognize and infer patient activities and staff workflow patterns in real-time at an enterprise scale. 

“AI has the potential to improve healthcare across a range of areas, and ultimately help save lives,” said Mona Flores, MD, Global Lead for Hospitals and Clinical Partnerships at NVIDIA. “Our Jetson platform provides unprecedented processing power to help care.ai’s application deliver more efficacious and efficient patient monitoring in healthcare.”

care.ai’s autonomous monitoring platform gives care teams an unparalleled advantage by providing real-time information about the patient, care givers, and their environment. Through the use of its active learning neural networks, the edge sensors can predict and prevent a multitude of potentially fatal mishaps, transforming the way care is delivered across all care settings.

About care.ai
care.ai is the first and only AI-powered autonomous monitoring platform for healthcare.  As an AI company, we are focused on using our transformative innovation to bring a meaningful impact to healthcare, improving outcomes and saving millions of lives every year; while making the jobs of providers more productive and fulfilling.  care.ai’s platform connects to our purpose-built AI accelerated, edge sensors, to transform ordinary rooms into Self-Aware Rooms™. We are working on disrupting and changing the way care is delivered, to learn more visit care.ai, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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