NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ClinicalSupportWellview Health, the industry’s leading health engagement company, is expanding the company’s clinical health support team in response to high engagement rates, growing consumer needs, and company growth, announced James Story, Wellview Health CEO and Co-Founder.

Wellview Analytics™ data shows 85% of eligible participants engage with a Wellview Health Advisor, due in large part to the company’s proprietary high-tech high touch Health Advisor-guided model. With growing engagement rates and new companies partnered with Wellview for 2020, Wellview announces the addition of Health Advisor Jasmin Murray (BA, CHWC), Health Advisor and Personal Trainer Andrew Jacobs (CHC, CPT), and Registered Dietitian Rick Weissinger (MS, RD, LD, CHC) to the company’s team of advisors and specialists.

Mental health has especially become a growing concern, with nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults (44.7 million people) reporting an experience with mental illness.[1] Wellview Health has seen a 65% increase in mental health engagement over the past year alone and has expanded the company’s team of Mental Health Specialists to support the growing need. In partnership with Level Therapy, Emily Marsicano (LMFT, ATR), a Marriage, Family, and Clinical Arts Therapist, and Lorraine Edey (PhD, LCSW, AFC, SAP), a Licensed Mental Health Therapist have been added to the Wellview network of Health Specialists.

“We remain committed to delivering health outcomes and cost savings to employers, while maintaining a 99% consumer satisfaction rating for our employee experience. With a rapidly growing client base, as well as increasing consumer need for support around mental health, nutrition, healthy weight, and diabetes prevention, we’re excited to expand our team to deliver on our promise,” says Story.

As a leading health engagement company, Wellview Health works alongside mid- and large-sized employers to improve employee engagement with health and well-being benefits. Wellview’s growing team is part of the company’s commitment to increase consumer engagement, impact health outcomes, and lower costs by changing the way people engage with healthcare and health benefits. Wellview achieves 99% consumer satisfaction and 20.2% claims cost reduction for employers.

Wellview continues to focus on strategic expansion in 2019 and 200% growth in 2020. To learn more about Wellview Health, please visit us at, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


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