A Girl from Hangzhou Shares Her Green “Carbon List” at the United Nations

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A girl from Hangzhou shared a novel electronic “carbon list” at the “Sustainable Development Pioneer Forum” of the ninth UN Global Compact Leaders Summit on the evening of 26th September local time, winning the thumps-up from participants.

“Such initiatives are very inspiring. State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is an outstanding company. I do hope it will introduce more China’s sustainable development plans and solutions to the world,” executive director of the UN Global Compact, Lise Kingo said.

This girl is Xu Chuanzi, an employee of SGCC. She was invited to the Summit as the one and single “2019 Global Compact Network China SDG Pioneer”. The “carbon list” in her hand is actually an internet-based energy-saving product that was launched this year by Hangzhou Power Supply Company under SGCC she works for. This product, by use of the company’s self-developed “smart green home-stay” system, will access the electricity data of nearly 500 starred home-stay residences in Hangzhou. The product has lowered energy consumption at an average rate of practically 7.3 percent for the accessed home-stay residences, over half a year since the “carbon lists” were generated.

This exploration marks an epitome of the efforts made by Hangzhou Power Supply Company in pursuing sustainable development. In recent years, the company has been dedicated to green energy development and has been honored the 2018 Global Compact Network China “SDG Pioneer Enterprise” by the United Nations. The company works on the clean power access to households. It has connected 18,000 distributed PV power stations into the grid and put into operation China’s first comprehensive power supply station of electricity, natural gas and oil.

SGCC, represented by Xu Chuanzi and Hangzhou Power Supply Company, takes the lead in the sustainable development of global energy industry. Over years SGCC has generated 530 million kilowatts of installed capacity for renewable energy production worldwide, included and digested emerging energy for grid connection at over 310 million kilowatts, both figures taking the first place in the world ranks. The corporation now endeavors to bring the proportion of low-carbon energy in the mix of primary energy to a new level above 50 percent.


STATE GRID Corporation of China

Cathy Wong