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WILMINGTON, N.C., Sept. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EMS LINQ INC (“LINQ”), a complete and integrated administrative software solution for K-12 schools and districts, announced it has recently acquired Registration Gateway of SRC Solutions, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based online registration suite for K-12 schools. The partnership unites innovative technologies that empower school administrators to deploy integrated solutions across their departments, delivering a consistent experience for parents and staff.

The Registration Gateway software includes features that encompass the registration needs of schools like online registrations, central records management, automated records request and delivery system, paperless HR management, student address verification, and volunteer and employee clearance management.

“For nearly 20 years, SRC Solutions has utilized its business process reengineering platform to help our clients in more than 30 states. We optimize workflows, automate notifications, eliminate paper and reduce costs,” SRC Solutions President Russell Kopy said. “This partnership will combine the strengths of LINQ’s education technology partners to provide a single resource that efficiently consolidates the automated administrations of public sector organizations.” 

Adam Hooks, CEO of LINQ, reinforced Kopy’s idea of offering a more dynamic product than ever before to the K-12 community.

“I’m delighted that our companies share a commitment to delivering a first-in-class, unified solution for K-12 school districts. That’s why this partnership was an easy decision for us to make,” Hooks said. “LINQ has fine-tuned its solution for schools over the past 30 years, and this partnership creates an incredible opportunity to deliver an even greater web solution that unifies what school districts need today and in the future.”

With Registration Gateway, LINQ will provide state-of-the-art registration management solutions to K-12 community. LINQ serves more than 2,700 districts and over 26,000 schools in 48 states. This acquisition expands the company’s growing presence across the U.S.

About Registration Gateway:
Registration Gateway is a dynamic online registrations suite by SRC Solutions, the education industry leaders in the development and support of integrated registration software solutions for K-12 districts and government agencies.

About LINQ:
LINQ is the first company to deliver a full suite of integrated solutions, including analytics, to help K-12 school districts better manage their operations. LINQ’s platform includes solutions for finance & human resources, nutrition management, digital payments, school and district websites, custom forms including student registration, and document management. LINQ has been serving the K-12 community for over 30 years.

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