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Weedmaps, a leader in technology for the cannabis industry, is now partnering with Cova Software, an award-winning cannabis retail point-of-sale (POS), to deliver enhanced real-time online menu integration. The newly upgraded Weedmaps platform will allow medical dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores using Cova’s robust POS system to sync inventory online automatically, complete with key product information, pricing, images and real-time availability.

Cova is one of the first POS systems to integrate with the new Weedmaps API, which accelerates real-time menu updates to reflect more accurate pricing and up-to-the-minute inventory. The new platform offers faster performance, improved reliability, ease-of-use, and scalability. Cannabis retail operators and their staff can manage their product catalog from the centralized Cova hub, eliminating the need for double entry or manual updates to Weedmaps, saving significant time and reducing the chance of human error.

For cannabis customers, all this automation adds up to a better shopping experience. When they find the most convenient location or desired product online, through their browser or mobile app, they can be assured that the information is accurate and up to date. Gone is the disappointment of showing up at a store to discover product is not in stock or prices have changed.

“The timing is perfect to deliver a next-level customer experience that greatly improves shopping,” said Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova. “With so many new markets—Missouri, Michigan, Illinois—and fast-growing markets like California, customer expectations when searching online for a specific, hard-to-find strain or product that works for them are high. Imagine how fast excitement turns to frustration if they find it online but it’s sold-out when they get to the store. Cannabis consumers want a seamless experience, flexible ways to shop, and above all reliability. Weedmaps, like Cova, is dedicated to those things.”

“Our partnership with Cova further enhances both retail and customer experiences on our platform,” said Tim Schulz, Head of Product at Weedmaps. “A thriving, legal cannabis market must afford retailers with the tools to account for and track inventory seamlessly, and trusted partners like Cova will enable Weedmaps to continue working towards this effort.”

As Weedmaps expands into new markets, it continues to build new features and functionality that allow cannabis retail stores to expand their reach and leverage online visibility. Cova, in addition to providing a robust inventory management and seed-to-sale compliant POS, offers an ecosystem of retail solutions, including touchscreen menus with Express Checkout, designed to improve store flow and enhance the customer experience. Learn more about the integration here.


SOURCE Cova Software