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With the help of Aivos Artificial Intelligence, General Motors is transforming customer experience in the automobile industry

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ai–Changes in consumer habits require innovative sales strategies, and the automobile industry is no exception. For General Motors, one of the world’s largest and most innovative automobile companies, providing AI-powered customer support and selling cars through chat is now a reality.

Today, people use instant messaging more and more, both for communicating with family and friends as for buying, researching, and communicating with companies from every industry. In fact, research shows that 89% of customers want to use instant messaging to communicate with companies and that 66% of consumers prefer messaging over any other type of communication channel.

With this in mind, General Motors decided to adopt digital solutions with Artificial Intelligence. With the help of Aivo, a technology company specializing in conversational AI for customer service, GM implemented a smart chatbot in multiple Latin American countries.

“Constant technological evolution has generated changes in consumer habits in today’s market. As a consequence, we have to offer our customers personalized service that makes their lives easier. GM has evolved alongside customer preferences and needs with the goal of optimizing customer service,” stated Ana Cristina Merlo Almeida, General Motors Digital Marketing Coordinator for the South America West region.

Today, the chatbot is available on GM’s websites for Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, and Peru, and it is designed to hold natural conversations and understand the intention behind each customer’s question, regardless of regionalisms and typos. This allows the company to have a digital conversation channel for customers from the entire region to find answers to their questions, learn about the brand’s best products, and eventually, make a purchase decision.

If a customer has questions about a vehicle and is uncertain about which characteristics best adapt to their lifestyle, they can turn to the chatbot for help with comparing models, finding information about available vehicles, or even different payment plans. This enriches the experience and speeds up the sales process.

Among the company’s results are an increase in customer satisfaction thanks to automatic answers and an increase in online sales, in addition to being on the cutting edge of the industry in terms of innovation, accessibility, and ease of use.

“General Motors is leading a wave of innovation in customer service which different industries around the world are joining. A study by Gartner states that 85% of all customer service interactions will be managed without a human agent by 2020. As artificial intelligence and automation technologies advance, these conversational experiences offer more and more immediate, personalized, and omnichannel communications,” added Martin Frascaroli, CEO of Aivo.

With these results, General Motors is ready to take the next step, widening coverage to other digital channels and expanding its digital strategy in Mercosur.

If you want to learn more about how the company implemented this technology, you can find more information here.

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