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BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As a leader in the shared office business, Ucommune has tapped on its advantages and resources to empower small, medium and micro-sized enterprises, solving their problems like establishing contact with customers, and helping them succeed. Through in-depth investigation on member enterprises, Ucommune and its affiliated digital marketing company, Zest Digital, tailored a number of cost-effective solutions to pain points in advertising marketing facing small, medium and micro-sized enterprises.

Zest Digital is an emerging digital integrated marketing company, invested and incubated jointly by Ucommune and GIMC, one of the leading marketing communication groups in China. Founded in 2015, the company recruited employees from top digital marketing companies at home and abroad and the core members have an average of more than 10 years of experience in digital integrated marketing consulting services. Based on the abilities in scientific, rigorous data analysis and objective, meticulous data insight, it has provided comprehensive digital integrated marketing services over the past three years for dozens of leading brands in the fields of finance, 3C, FMCG, automobile and Internet service.

Launch digital marketing service and innovate ecological marketing convergence

This time, Ucommune will build “Intelligent Marketing Solution Platform” (SaaS) for SMEs, and locate SMEs’ intelligent marketing solution platform (to serve enterprise members and empower individual customers). The platform will access the best mobile media traffic, leading news media and public accounts and venture capital media resources to achieve the intelligent marketing solutions of multi-scene and multi-dimension. By creating a low-threshold and measurable package combination for enterprise members with different needs, the promotion channels, creative content and data platform are connected in order to realize one-stop solutions of data integration and intelligent marketing. Meanwhile, Ucommune’s unique labels on individual members will connect data and media resources to customers inside and outside the field, support the Lookalike group diffusion algorithm, and realize accurate and efficient marketing transformation.

Through the long-term research and analysis of the member SMEs in Ucommune, thousands of SMEs have the marketing and promotion needs for products or services in the initial stage of business, and the difficulty in finding customers, poor transformation, high cost and difficult choice are the common marketing pain points. Moreover, from the perspective of meeting the different marketing needs of different enterprises, developing a forward-looking intelligent platform that can lead the marketing services of SMEs has become an important strategic measure for Ucommune to realize ecological marketing convergence and business empowerment.

To meet the triple demands of standardization of demand, intelligentization of launch and visualization of effects, a comprehensive questionnaire survey of marketing needs has been conducted in the early stage based on the big data analysis of marketing platforms, portraits of SMEs and the profound marketing services experience of Zest Digital members to extract the common marketing needs of SMEs and standardize the front-end marketing needs from the dimensions of brand, product and financing. According to the weight proportion and algorithm of front-end marketing requirements, the media of marketing intelligent platform are classified into double quadrants of industry media and scene media and launched with intelligent and accurate matching. Moreover, the overall effect of each intelligent launch is visualized.

Media value mining of community scene

At present, there is a huge gap of media resources in the office scene. Ucommune integrates the media channels of the office scene in the community, and combines and promotes offline advertisements such as mobile terminal programmed launch and community LED, so as to create a media package coupled with the online/offline office scene.

Today, traditional elevator ads in buildings are seriously challenged in the era of mobile Internet. Consumers have shifted their attention to the mobile phone screen, and as a result the focus on traditional building advertisements has dropped significantly. At the same time, the problem of precisely matching people to traditional building advertisements cannot be effectively solved. In the decline of advertising effect, however, the advertising price continues to soar. Ucommune has the largest co-working community network in the country and it has laid out a media matrix covering a comprehensive online and offline integration, including community LED, community framework, Youxianji (Ucommune’s official app), community WeChat public account groups and desktop smart screen, in 44 cities and more than 200 large office spaces across the country, thus achieving accurate and deep coverage of hundreds of thousands of mainstream white-collar office workers. More importantly, most white-collar office workers stay in the office longer than in elevators or outdoors, so the 8-hour interactive media circle in the layout of office scenes could deliver good marketing value.

In the next step, based on the unique ecology of the office scene, Ucommune will further integrate the community scene media and intelligent marketing solution platform, and carry out a series of innovations on functional modules and data algorithm. To integrate AI into digital marketing solutions, the core innovation is to standardize and intellectualize thousands of marketing needs of SMEs, so that both on-site and off-site enterprise users, whether they are workplace newbies or enterprise decision makers, can quickly find precise and efficient exclusive marketing services during their use of the platform from three aspects: intelligent insight, intelligent launch and intelligent evaluation, thus making it faster for SMEs to start AI marketing — everyone will be an expert in intelligent marketing.

About Ucommune

Ucommune is the first unicorn enterprise in China’s co-working industry. It brings together many co-working office brands and builds a commercial social networking platform and resource allocation platform based on communities, and creates ideal working and living spaces. With the mission of “bringing you every happy working day”, Ucommune is committed to serving millions of enterprises and becoming a urban renewal leader. Ucommune has over 200 co-working office spaces in 44 cities globally, bringing together over 400,000 global individual members.


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