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TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jubilee Ace is a technology development company which uses a customised platform for the various industries. The platform improves and perfects the data processing with data monetisation as the main goal. Through high-tech in-depth analysis and superb market decision-making, the platform can generate lucrative risk-free profits in arbitrage industry.

In addition to various sports and gaming arbitrage projects, the company has been diligently developing applications like the Aqua Encrypted Digital Currency System and the Aqua Commodity System. These two powerful systems have greatly expanded the scope of business and provided better, safer and more convenient services. The profits that our users have gained through our company’s platform has helped Jubilee Ace grow and thrive into the top spot of leading arbitrage technology company.

In the financial market where there are numerous ups and downs, the arbitrage system of Jubilee Ace has been booming rapidly and developing steadily, catering to users and distributors. Jubilee Ace’s crude oil and cryptocurrency, AQUA provides ultra-low spreads, no repeat quotes, complete straight-through processing and direct market access with absolute transparency to nearly 6000 customers in more than 10 different countries around the world.

In 2019, the trading volume on AQUA exceeded all expectations as it generated very positive results. Investment experts believe that the arbitrage system of Jubilee Ace does not limit any investment strategy and is more favourable towards traders. The execution speed of AQUA is smooth swift and does not have input lag which according to many traders, is much better than traditional trading platforms. AQUA by Jubilee Ace has therefore been successful in solving the main pain points of mainstream arbitrage platforms to forge a safe and reliable platform for all.

Jubilee Ace has precise and clear operational ideas as the company aims to create a safe and world class arbitrage platform. This is the long-term plan of Jubilee Ace as the company strives to serve customers to the best of their abilities!


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