Interana advances a path forward beyond single-source preconfigured analytic applications for enterprise behavioral product analytics

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Interana, the most advanced solution for product analytics in the GDPR era, today announced it is enabling current customers of single data source preconfigured analytic tools to try a solution that enables enterprises to get answers and insights from user behaviors in real time.

Interana’s full-stack, purpose-built solution enables data analysts and product managers to analyze and improve the onboarding experience and feature utilization, while maximizing customer lifetime value. Companies need to go beyond partial data analytics to full enterprise scale, but many are limited by vendors, like Amplitude, who provide preconfigured analytics.

With the ever-changing buyer persona and constant market disruption, enterprises need to go beyond single-data source analytics providers, and Interana is committed to providing customers an ROI-positive way out of their current behavioral product analytics contracts.

“We are offering financial incentives for existing Amplitude customers, who need a holistic view of their customers, to switch to Interana. By leveraging larger or multiple data sets, Interana can outperform existing solutions and give users the flexibility to iterate on why things are happening in their business with visibility into and access to the query language at a lower TCO,” said Scott Leatherman, chief marketing officer of Interana. “The bottom line is that Interana is helping companies who want to make the change from preconfigured analytic vendors, like Amplitude, with aggressive financial incentives.”

Businesses need a massively scalable, enterprise-ready managed service within their own private cloud that is more effective for data and cost management.

Interana’s enterprise-class behavioral analytics solution is empowering product managers at Uber, Bleacher Report, VGW and in seven of Microsoft’s portfolio companies with real-time insights from millions to billions of events. Business users can bring previously inaccessible data and use cases forward about users and their interactions with products, content and applications. Additionally, with the flexibility and transparency of Interana’s powerful query builder, data insights can be replicated within existing business intelligence solutions, extending enterprise collaboration and value.

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