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LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prime Trust, the crypto custodian and trust company, is redefining traditional and digital financial markets with its financial services platform that now allows clients to instantly transfer any asset between Prime Trust account holders in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. PrimeX™ is quickly being adopted by industry-leading exchanges, OTC desks, market makers, stablecoins, and traders – giving Prime Trust account-holders the ability to form counterparty relationships in real-time to effect and settle transactions in fiat and crypto assets.

PrimeX™ (fashioned after its Prime Exchange Network), through a network of Smart APIs, enables Prime Trust’s institutional and retail clients to instantly transfer assets (whether they are traditional assets like fiat currencies, stocks, bonds, real estate, or digital assets, like cryptocurrencies) between any of their own or another client institution’s or individual’s account (ex. custodial, merchant, IRA, trust etc.).

“PrimeX represents the next generation of settlement networks. Leveraging Prime Trust’s ability to custody a wide variety of assets, the Prime Exchange Network is the world’s first platform for 24/7 settlement of multiple FIAT currencies, as well as digital assets, all in one qualified custodian. This sets a new standard for the industry,” said Kevin Lehtiniitty, Chief Product Officer at Prime Trust. “We’re excited to welcome select exchange, stablecoin, and OTC desk partners into the private beta of PrimeX and collaborate on building an industry defining financial settlement system.”

Prime Trust does not charge clients any fees for making asset transfers through its PrimeX™ platform, and there is no limit on the dollar value of the asset being transferred.

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About Prime Trust

Prime Trust is a Nevada chartered trust company that, as a technology-driven financial institution provides B2B custody, escrow, compliance, fiat processing, transaction software and other services. The firm’s customers include crowdfunding portals, broker-dealers, investment advisers, crypto exchanges, securities ATS’, real estate syndicators, financial institutions, and next-generation financial application innovators. Prime Trust sets the industry standards for custody, fiat processing, escrow and KYC & AML compliance with its frictionless API technology infrastructure which automates these processes. For more information, please visit


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