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GP Solutions (OTC: GWPD), a leading developer of automated micro-farms, announced it was featured in a new report on the future of American agriculture, in Insight News. The report stated, “micro-farming technology is saving America’s farms.”

With record-breaking heat and wide spread flooding, many farmers are struggling to survive, the magazine reported. “Now, many farmers are trying out a new strategy: Growing in portable indoor farms that provide the optimum environment for a wide range of agricultural products.”

The report referenced two leading companies in the new “micro-farm” industry: Grow Pod Solutions, which designs and builds advanced cultivation systems for the global agricultural market, and Micro Lab Farms, which customizes the system specifically for the legal cannabis and hemp industries.

“Companies like Grow Pod Solutions and Micro Lab Farms offer sealed ‘micro-farms’ that deliver a higher yield with much greater consistency than traditional farming, making them an ideal adjunct to stressed-out farms or budding entrepreneurs.”

Unlike other growing systems that use fixed greenhouses or require enormous capital for large indoor warehouse farms, GrowPods are modular, scalable, indoor micro-farms that can be placed virtually anywhere. Farmers are provided with data, insights and other tools to further refine and improve their harvest. As a sealed environment, GrowPods give farmers the ability to keep crops and strains separated, while eliminating contaminants,  pathogens, and pesticides.


SOURCE GP Solutions