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Indices to provide access to specific areas of crypto themes

Index Solutions
(MVIS) and Crescent
Crypto Asset Management
, a leading index provider and fund manager
for the digital asset space, have launched the three new cryptocurrency

Crypto Smart Contract Platform Index (ticker: CCSMART)

Crypto Anonymity Index (ticker: CCDARK)

Crypto Alt Index (ticker: CCALT)

In December of 2018, Crescent and MVIS partnered to publish the Crescent
Crypto Market Index (ticker: CCMIX) which is a broad-based investable
index of the largest and most liquid digital assets. The three new
indices – CCSMART, CCDARK, CCALT – expand the Crescent Crypto Index
Family and are an effort to benchmark some of the most exciting themes
in the digital asset ecosystem.

Crescent Crypto Smart Contract Platform Index (CCSMART)

The CCSMART tracks the performance of a market capitalization weighted
basket of the largest smart contract platform assets that are liquid and
secure. Smart-contract platforms are defined as public blockchains that
are capable of self-executing code, called smart contracts or
decentralized applications (dapps). Today, Ethereum is the largest smart
contract platform and there exist many others with similar objectives,
but differing implementations and consensus mechanisms.

Crescent Crypto Anonymity Index (CCDARK)

The CCDARK tracks the performance of a market capitalization weighted
basket of the largest privacy designated assets that are liquid and
secure. The privacy designation is defined by a blockchain’s
incorporation of technology that makes it difficult for any party to
trace the transaction flow. Anonymous transactions help to ensure
fungibility, censorship-resistance, and judgement-resistance.

Crescent Crypto Alt Index (CCALT)

The CCALT tracks the performance of a market capitalization weighted
basket of the largest digital assets, excluding Bitcoin, that are liquid
and secure. Bitcoin currently represents around 55% of the total digital
asset ecosystem. All off the assets within the ecosystem, save for BTC,
are known collectively as “Alt Coins”. Generally, they are more volatile
and speculative than Bitcoin, and the CCALT serves as a gauge for risk
sentiment in the digital asset space.

The three new indices all draw from the Crescent’s broader index
methodology with market cap minimums, liquidity and exchange
requirements, cold storage capability. Crescent uses their portfolio
management expertise to design indices specifically for the digital
asset investor.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Crescent. We continue to
work closely with Crescent team, and are impressed by their capabilities
and vision. These 3 new indices reflect their commitment to providing
useful digital asset benchmarks,” said Thomas Kettner, Managing Director
at MVIS.

“We are thrilled to announce the publication of our new indices. MVIS is
a great partner for us to continue to expand our Index Family. The
introduction of sector indexes allows investors to stay informed on the
performance of specific themes within the digital asset ecoysytem – such
as smart contract platforms or anonymity-focused cryptoassets,” said
Christopher Matta, Co-Founder at Crescent.

Note to Editors:

About MVIS

MV Index Solutions (MVIS®) develops, monitors and licenses the MVIS
Indices, a selection of focused, investable and diversified benchmark
indices. The indices are especially designed to underlie financial
products. MVIS Indices cover several asset classes, including equity,
fixed income markets and digital assets and are licensed to serve as
underlying indices for financial products.

Approximately USD 13 billion in assets under management are currently
invested in financial products based on MVIS Indices. MVIS is a VanEck

Crescent Crypto Asset Management

Crescent Crypto Asset Management is a digital asset index provider that
manages a suite of private index funds for US and offshore investors.
Crescent launched one of the first private index funds in 2017, and
continues to develop indices benchmarking the crypto space. Crescent
also recently announced a partnership with USCF to launch a
cryptocurrency exchange traded product (NYSE Arca: XBET). The three
founders are Goldman Sachs alumni and have additional experience in
venture capital and trading.

Important disclosure

The MVIS© indices are protected through various intellectual property
rights and unfair competition and misappropriation laws. In particular,
Van Eck Associates Corporation has registered the ‘MVIS’ trademark. You
require a license to launch any product whose performance is linked to
the value of a particular MVIS© index and for all use of the MVIS© name
or name of the MVIS© index in the marketing of the product.

Investments into crypto currencies and/or digital assets are subject to
material and high risk including the risk of total loss. The calculated
prices may not be achieved by investors as the calculated price is based
on prices from different trading platforms. Furthermore, an investment
into crypto currencies and/or digital assets may become illiquid
depending on the trading platform or investment product used for the
specific investment. Investors should carefully review all risk factors
disclosed by the relevant trading platform or in the product documents
of relevant investment products.


Media Contact
Nibha Manandhar, MV Index Solutions
(0)69 4056 695 22
[email protected]

Crescent Contact
Christopher Matta, Crescent Crypto Asset
+1 (201) 630-0690
[email protected]