NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wealth Technologies Inc. (WealthTech®), the leading provider
of algorithmic financial planning and advice, announced today that
marketing and product development executive Hayley Nelson has joined the
company’s board of advisors. Nelson currently leads content marketing at

In her role as a strategic advisor, Nelson will counsel WealthTech’s
leadership team on cross platform marketing strategies, offering
insights on the most effective ways to engage with clients and prospects
in a digital world. Prior to leading content marketing efforts at
Airbnb, Hayley Nelson co-founded NewCo Shift, a cross-platform media
startup, and served as director of product development at Wired,
where she implemented a new approach to digital publishing that resulted
in record traffic and revenue. She spent a decade leading digital
transformation efforts at The New York Times and The
Associated Press
in New York, developing new tools and platforms for
award-winning journalists leveraging video, audio, blogs and social
media. She began her career in media and marketing at Wired and CNET
in San Francisco and Singapore.

“WealthTech is trying to democratize financial advisory services,” said
Hayley Nelson, WealthTech Advisor. “While most financial advisors cater
to high net worth clients, WealthTech will provide a broader base of
individuals the tools they need to make smart choices about their
finances, offering truly personalized financial advice on ways to cut
expenses, allocate capital, or formulate financial goals.”

Since its founding in 2016, WealthTech has developed the technology to
generate professional financial planning and advice for individuals
regardless of their level of wealth, and to deliver this advice in a
timely manner through both mobile applications and human-advised
businesses. WealthTech’s flagship product, fGPS Financial
Goal Positioning System, is a comprehensive system that generates
turn-by-turn guidance and decision support with respect to cash flow,
capital allocation, and investment risk, all in the context of
customer’s unique financial circumstances and desired goals. WealthTech
also launched the WTI CIM (Customized Investment Manager), a
set of automated trading tools designed to help investment advisors
customize and automate the delivery of their products at mass scale. In
less than 18 months since its release, WTI CIM is powering
digital wealth management offering to over 500,000 individuals through
its B2B partnership.

“The wealth management industry is undergoing a digital transformation
that has created a tremendous opportunity to rethink how wealth managers
can service a much broader section of society,” said Rohit D’Souza,
co-founder of WealthTech. “Customer engagement and education is
paramount and we are delighted to have Hayley’s experience and
perspective as we reinvent the way our industry approaches financial

About WealthTech

Wealth Technologies Inc. is a B2B provider of algorithms and
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WealthTech uses advanced analytics and machine learning to generate
personalized financial plans and continuous guidance toward multiple
financial goals. WealthTech was founded in 2016 by a team of leading
technologists, investment and finance professionals and is headquartered
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information purposes only and it should not be regarded as an offer to
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