Participation extends depth and reach of integrated analytics, driving automation that speeds incident response

NEW YORK, June 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bay Dynamics, the market leader in advanced cyber risk analytics, today announced its participation in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, a community of recognized technology providers integrating their solutions with Microsoft products to provide customers with improved protection, detection and response.

As part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, the Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric platform’s integration, enriched with Microsoft’s Graph Security API information, reduces risk for our mutual customers with ability to rapidly translate data into visualizations and actions.

Risk Fabric was purpose built to integrate, analyze and visualize data from numerous security platforms – including authentication, cloud security, data loss prevention (DLP) tools, and many others – to prioritize threats and enable targeted remediation, while optimizing the output, policies and overall impact of existing security infrastructure.

This approach is highly complementary to the direction of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and its supporting technologies, in particular the Microsoft Graph Security API – a unified API that provides a standard interface and uniform schema to integrate security alerts and threat intelligence, enrich alerts and data with contextual information, and automate security operations.

“Helping practitioners translate the mountains of security and alert data produced by their existing security infrastructure into action is something that everyone in the industry is focused on, because it’s one of the biggest challenges out there today,” said Ryan Stolte, CTO of Bay Dynamics. “Using the Microsoft Graph API to integrate Risk Fabric with other solutions to help organizations move faster when detecting and remediating threats represents a tremendous opportunity.”

Microsoft launched the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association in 2018 in an effort to create more integrated solutions that help customers improve protection and speed detection. The Security API is part of the Microsoft Graph, a unified REST API for integrating data and intelligence from Microsoft products and services, along with other solutions such as Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric. Using Microsoft Graph, customers and partners can rapidly build solutions that authenticate once and use a single API call to access or act on security insights from multiple security solutions.

“It has been thrilling to watch the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association grow into an ecosystem comprised of the most reliable and trusted global security technology vendors the world over, and we are delighted to welcome Bay Dynamics to our ranks,” said Ryan McGee, Director of Microsoft Security Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric provides the advanced analytics that enterprises today demand for centralized analysis, visualization and remediation of emerging threats. Together we believe we will greatly reduce risks to our customers’ most valuable and protected information.”

About Bay Dynamics
Bay Dynamics enables enterprise organizations to identify, prioritize and mitigate their most critical cyber risks based on a strategic array of real-world conditions. Our flagship risk analytics software solution, Risk Fabric, integrates and analyzes security data across the full breadth of existing security infrastructure to pinpoint emerging threats and enable rapid remediation.  For more information visit Bay Dynamics or follow us on Twitter @BayDynamics

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