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XI’AN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“So beautiful the jasmine flowers; Fragrant, beautiful and full-blown;
Fragrant, white and loved by all…” The famous Chinese folk song meets
western musical instruments with unique charm. Under the Chang’an Pagoda
in Xi’an Chanba Ecological District, Liu Lei, a young Saxophone
performer from Xi’an who once stayed in France for long, played the Jasmine
with his orchestra by perfectly combining Chinese and western
musical elements. Music is the common language of human beings, with the
strength of “flexibility against rigidity” in Chinese traditional
culture. In Liu Lei’s opinion, music can bridge communication and
understanding and act as a friendly messenger for cultural exchanges
between China and western countries.

“The clear water turns in dark blue with the green willow flying above
it.” Located in the east part of Xi’an, Xi’an Chanba Ecological District
was established in September 2004, with a scheduled area of 129 square
kilometers. It is the first national ecological district, national water
ecosystem protection and restoration demonstration zone and national
green ecological demonstration zone in Northwest China. Over the past 15
years, Xi’an Chanba Ecological District has adhered to the concept of
“making rivers rehabilitate and ecosystem flow into the city”, and
organically integrated Qinling Mountains with the three rivers of
Chanhe, Bahe and Weihe, thus forming a significant ecological corridor
throughout the east part of Xi’an connecting Qinling Mountains and Weihe
river, and realizing the transformation from “sacrificing environment
for growth” to “optimizing environment for growth”.

“We shall protect the ecological environment as protecting our eyes and
treat the ecological environment as treating our life, for the purpose
of paving the foundation of ecological civilization and taking the path
of green development!” This is the concept and orientation of ecological
development that Xi’an Chanba Ecological District has adhered to.

Practicing the concept of green development and green fashion with the
slogan of “Green Leads Fashion” has not only reshaped people’s
impression on the eco-environment of Xi’an, but also brought a new wave
of green fashion to the dignified history and culture of Xi’an. As a
grand city with profound historical and cultural connotations that once
shined in world history, Xi’an is becoming a model of ecological city
that is green, modern, fashionable and open.


ChanBa Ecological District
Yan Zhang
[email protected]