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Shows Impact of Unsettled Market

New names dominate in volatile conditions

a leading personal financial management platform and the only firm to
provide actual performance of more than 300 robo-advisor portfolios, has
released its 2019 year-to-date performance ranking.

All portfolio categories – Conservative, Income, Balanced, Growth and
Value – have seen remarkable moves during one of the most volatile
markets in more than a decade.

The results show some of the biggest names underperforming what has been
a challenging period for any investor, human or machine.

Only a few firms topped the YTD performance of the S&P 500 Index, which
was up 14.06% as of May 17. The majority of robo-advisors, including
those from Charles Schwab, Betterment, SigFig, Morgan Stanley,
AssetBuilder and SoFi Wealth did not make the top three ranking in any
portfolios category.

2019 has seen the appearance of many new names among better known ones
atop the five portfolio categories. Looking at just performance, without
factoring in cost or any qualitative factors as Nummo does in its annual
survey, results show names like Sogo Marketriders, Stash Investments, M1
Finance, Fidelity, Acorns and Wealthfront leading the industry YTD.

TIAA, one of the largest investment managers ranked within the top 5 in
the Growth, Balanced and Conservative categories.

“2019 has been such a remarkable story in terms of volatility that we
wanted to see how robo-advisors had performed YTD. The results give us a
very interesting picture and show how challenging such shifting market
conditions can be,” said Roi Tavor, CEO and co-founder of Nummo.

“But, it’s important for investors to look beyond just performance,
particularly during such a brief and highly volatile period, which is
why we will continue to do our annual analysis that considers other
factors and provides a more comprehensive look at robo-advisors. In
fact, we continue to view robos as the ideal investing option for anyone
who is not served by the broader advisor industry,” added Tavor.



(Based on May 17, 2019 YTD performance)




First Place

  Stash Invest

(Clean & Green)

  M1 Finance

(Moderately Aggressive)



  Sogo Marketriders

(Moderate Income – Starter)

  Sogo Marketriders

(Diversified Income – Starter)

Second Place

  M1 Finance

(Responsible Investing)




(Growth with Income)


(Moderately Conservative)

  Sogo Marketriders

(High Income – Starter)

Third Place

  Stash Invest

(Blue Chips)


(Moderately Aggressive)

  Sogo Marketriders

(Balanced Growth – Starter)


(Risk Score 2.0)




Download a full copy of Nummo’s comprehensive annual 2018 Robo-Advisor
Ranking Report:

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