(Denver Media join co-founder Terrell Davis, Pro Football Hall of
Famer, for the product’s nationwide reveal and new category launch for
the CBD industry)

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This morning, DEFY makes history in Denver, officially launching the
first CBD infused performance drink to the US. DEFY founders Beau
Wehrle, CEO, and Megan Bushell, COO, hosted local media along with a
detailed and personal interview by Broncos fan favorite, Dave Logan of
iHeartMedia with Pro Football Hall of Famer and DEFY founding partner
Terrell Davis.

DEFY has positioned themselves as a gamechanger for those looking to
restore and replenish post training. While the potential of CBD is still
being uncovered, DEFY has taken important steps in developing state of
the art technology that ensures the highest-quality CBD bioavailability
– making it the premium CBD performance drink in the market.

“The sheer power of CBD to help the body recover and perform is
unprecedented. We believe CBD is the most transformative
ingredient to emerge this decade
. We’ve spent years
developing the right formulation that tastes great and delivers
immediate benefit. We will continue to invest in the strongest
Scientific Advisory Board and work with suppliers that have been at the
forefront of CBD research. DEFY will also carry the CBD banner for
professional athletics, advocating for its formal adoption and
acceptance,” said Wehrle, DEFY’s CEO.

Davis, a football legend, has become an evangelist for the industry and
is a Forbes
journaling about the benefits of CBD. Additionally,
Davis is actively petitioning the league and offering support to
identify the right study protocols that may eventually lead to adoption
and integration. His personal story is an exceptional one – from
migraine mitigation to swifter recovery and an anxiety-free life – a
story echoed by millions of CBD enthusiasts today. DEFY was developed to
enhance performance but to also deliver the many health benefits of CBD
to the general public.

Davis expressed that CBD would have impacted his retirement. “If CBD
were available to us when I was in the league, I have no doubt my career
would have been extended. Injury and daily recovery are an obvious part
of professional athletics. My hope is that with CBD’s growing awareness,
the right studies will help influence accepted use for professional
athletes. We’re at the forefront of one of the biggest movements in

DEFY’s formulation is based on hydration, electrolytes, taste and the
quick replacement of vital nutrients. The formulation of 20mg/bottle is
also purposeful, providing the optimal amount of performance-spectrum
CBD for individuals and athletes of all sizes. (It is important to note
that bodily absorption is different for each person.)

DEFY has a proprietary blend of performance spectrum hemp extract along
with essential vitamins and minerals designed to help restore and
revitalize your body. DEFY places a tremendous amount of weight on
research and development, compliance by our suppliers and vendors to
ensure rigorous quality standards for the product line are met. DEFY’s
proprietary performance spectrum hemp extract delivery mechanisms are
designed to maximize bioavailability.

DEFY is about defying ALL limitations. As a key sponsor for the Arrow
Schmidt Peterson Motorsports team for this year’s Indianapolis 500 and
through the 2019 season, DEFY wished drivers Hinchliffe and Ericsson
luck before the race. During qualifiers on Saturday, an early crash
nearly took champion driver Hinchcliffe out of the race. By Sunday, they
were back up and running, defying expectations and locking in a spot for
the upcoming iconic race. The DEFY logo rides proudly on the car.

DEFY is available at www.drinkdefy.com


DEFY is located in Denver, CO. In 2017, Terrell Davis first used hemp
extract to recover after a workout—and it changed his life. Through it,
he was able to recover faster between workouts and achieve a level of
locked-in focus that helped him defy the challenges that hold athletes
back: his injury history, his overworked muscles and the deteriorating
effects of age. Inspired to share these benefits with all athletes,
Terrell and his team embarked on a mission to launch DEFY.

DEFY is the world’s first mainstream hemp extract performance beverage
built specifically for athletes. Formulated to aid in rapid muscle fiber
recovery and clear-headed, hyper-focused training, DEFY delivers
naturally derived performance, recovery and rejuvenation for every kind
of athlete. And with research still only scratching the surface of hemp
extract’s potential, we’re only just beginning to DEFY the Everyday.


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